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X-Con Speaker Highlight- Alan Megargle

Investigation at the Bradshaw Ranch and the movie "A Haunting in Blue Hill"

Alan with present his investigation at the famous Bradshaw ranch where they interacted with interdimensional beings. Bradshaw Ranch is just 12 miles outside Sedona between Hartwell Canyon and Loy Canyon. It was once owned by Bob Bradshaw, a Hollywood stuntman who purchased the property in 1960. The site has had constant paranormal activity. Alan Megargle is a filmmaker, event organizer, paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher. He produced the film Minerva Monster and directed the films, The Back 80: A Modern Day Bigfoot Encounter, Ghosts in Ghost Towns: Haunting the Wild West, The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed and the Friday Night Movie, Alien Contact in the Rockies. Alan currently produces and co-stars in the paranormal adventure series Trails to the Unknown on Amazon Prime. He began conducting Bigfoot investigations with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (B.F.R.O.) in his home state of Ohio over a decade ago. Alan has had numerous encounters and has witnessed many strange occurrences that have provided fuel to his quest for seeking answers. Now residing in Colorado, Alan continues to search for evidence and seeks to make definitive contact with the creature known as Sasquatch. Along with his friends, Alan runs a yearly Bigfoot campout called Bigfoot Adventure Weekends where he teaches attendees how to conduct their own investigations and takes them out to search for the elusive Sasquatch. In September he and his father-in-law Ron Meyer launching spiritual Bigfoot retreat Spiritual Bigfoot Retreat - BAW ( speak on our investigation at the Bradshaw ranch where we interacted with interdimensional beings.

Alan and Ron will be speaking on October 30, 6:30-8 p.m.

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