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Unexplained Phenomena Austrailia with Ben Hurle _ The Un-X Network

Unexplained Phenomena Australia

with Ben Hurle

Saturdays at 3AM (EST)

Un-X Network | Listen Live

Unexplained Phenomena Australia is hosted by Ben Hurle and examines all aspects of unknown phenomena as it manifests in Australia. UPA takes an open minded approach, yet examines the evidence and explores the circumstances of many Australian mysteries. UPA looks at the lesser known encounters and also revisits the “big ones” with fresh eyes. The show will examine UFOs, Cryptids, Ghosts and many more strange and wonderful Australian mysteries.

Host Bio

Ben is a paranormal investigator who has examined UFOs and Cryptids in Victoria, Australia for over 10 years. Ben has personally researched many of Victoria’s great mysteries:

The Burke’s Flat UFO Incident

The disappearance of Fred Valentich

The Westall School Yard UFO Encounter

The Willow Grove & Dargo UFO Incidents

Ben has appeared on National Geographic Channel’s “Invasion Earth” series and has done many radio and TV interviews regarding UFOs.

Ben currently is continuing his UFO research via his “UFO VIC “ Facebook page, specialising in cold cases and preserving UFO history.

Ben has written for Australian magazines and has spoken at conferences and today; continues his quest into unraveling Australia’s mysterious history and evolving paranormal future.

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