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2023 Workshops

Master Dowsing Workshop

March 4, 2023

1 - 3 pm CST

Learn how to dowse! Whether you are a beginner or experienced dowser, learn more in this class. Margie Kay has dowsed for 40 years using rods or a pendulum.  Purchase the Master Dowser's Chart Book from prior to attending the class and allow for shipping time. 

Registration is open

$99 pp. 

RV workshop Un-X 2023 new.png

Remote Viewing Workshop over Four Saturdays
Its finally here! This popular Remote Viewing Workshop will be presented live on ZOOM starting March 11, 2023 over four Saturdays. Margie Kay is a licensed private investigator and extremely accurate remote viewer. She helped solve over 60 missing person, homicide, and theft cases, and uses RV to investigate paranormal and UFO cases. Three hours per day for four Saturdays. $399 pp. Un-X subscribers get a discount! Whether you are a beginner or experienced Remote Viewer, you will improve your skills after taking this course. Purchase the Remote Viewing workbook prior to taking this class. See more information on the shop page. If you miss a class, don't worry - you'll have access to all of the classes online for six months. Un-X subcribers use KUNXRV code for a $30 discount.

More workshops will be announced soon!





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