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  • 1980 Northern Michigan UFO Flap

    In a rare occurrence, this is a personal story. One that I have never shared outside of close friends and family. The summer I turned five was filled with Sunday night Disney movies on ABC (one of three channels that reliably came in through our giant console t.v.), picnics on the shore of Lake Huron and endless hours playing in the yard. It was as normal a summer for a child as you could imagine, except for one thing, how we spent our evenings when the sun went down. Almost every night after dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen and went outside where our next-door neighbors would meet us for hours of sky gazing. With all the adults settled into 1970s iconic metal folding chairs with the wide pieces of woven colorful plastic, us kids would lay out on blankets slightly oblivious to why we were there. We saw the moon and the stars and little lights that would race across the sky, then stop, then move slowly, then race again. That’s all I remember. I did know that the lights were called UFOs, my only understanding of which was that they were exciting to see and they weren’t airplanes. Outside of being woken by a light as bright as the sun one night in 1991 while living in a house surrounded by woods, this was the only sighting I remember experiencing as a non-adult. I never really talked about this, not because it was necessarily taboo, but because no one else brought it up. During a recent visit with my Dad, it did come up and we both wondered, how many other people saw what we did? While we’re sure that many did, not a single account exists on the internet today. I did however, get a few responses to a query I posted on the Michigan MUFON Facebook page. There was a UFO flap in Detroit in 1978 and an account of a sighting in Wixom (not far from Detroit)  in 1979. There were also sightings at the Oscoda MI Wortsmith Air Force base in 1975 1 and 1976 (closed in 1993), which is much closer to where we lived. In 1975, the Minneapolis Star reported on a first-hand account of a Colonel who had seen the objects as they hovered only ten to fifteen feet above the ground.2 Could all the sightings have been connected, despite being so far away from each other? A little over a decade previous there was a UFO flap that is fairly well documented. Most of the March 1966 sightings3 came from the Dexter, MI area which is just northwest of Ann Arbor. According to Ray Szymanski, Author of Alien Shades of Greys, one of the UFOs was chased by Air Force pilots. Due to their erratic flying capabilities they struggled to keep up with it before it suddenly disappeared. When the sightings were published in newspapers and made the national nightly news, Americans were told they were all an optical illusion caused by swamp gas. Sounding hokie, an investigation into the sighting was ordered by Gerald Ford who was a congressman at the time. Nothing public came from this investigation. The 1975/76 sightings were also investigated by NORAD, the Air Force and Ground Saucer Watch as reported by the Minneapolis Star. The CIA, despite having records stated they had ceased investigating UFOs in 1953. I may never know how many other people saw those same UFOs we saw that summer. I may never know if they were only in our literal neck of the woods or if they were visiting a much broader area. I do want to thank the wonderful people on the Michigan MUFON Facebook page who shared what information they could, I couldn’t have written this without their generous help. Do you have a UFO mystery? Please share your moment in the comments section or in our Facebook Group. Violet Wisdom The Alpena News, "UFOs over Northeast Michigan Skies", July 16, 2021, Jeffrey D. Brasie The Minneapolis Star, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Friday, January 19, 1979 pg.4 "Swamp gas' or UFO? Michigan author believes aliens flew over Dexter, HIllsdale in 1966" March 30, 2021 Photo Credit- "Michigan" Simon King Flick

  • Extreme Solar Storms

    Knowing what this past weekend’s solar storms could cause, we’re taking a look back to see what they did cause. Extreme geomagnetic storms, like the ones we experienced this last weekend, May 10-12, can cause and in the past, have caused all sorts of mayhem. They can create power grid issues leading to blackouts, disruptions in satellites, radio and GPS communications and even issues with space travel. Knowing this, everyone was well warned and on high alert well ahead of our recent storm caused by a sunspot named Sunspot Region 3664.These were the strongest we have seen since 2003. While power grid operators were prepared for problems, we made it through the weekend unscathed. That was not the case however for farmers using Real-Time Kinematic systems. In short, this system is used by farmers to keep track of everything from where seed was planted to which rows were fertilized. John Deere, the largest user of the system warned farmers to stop planting this weekend, because the GPS portion of the system wasn’t functioning properly due to the solar storm. Most farmers in the Midwest have to get their corn planted by this Wednesday to get crops harvested on time this summer. There were also reports of drones not working properly during the storms. The other thing that did happen during the storm is that millions of people were able to actually see the Aurora Borealis. For perspective, the last time they were visible in the state of Florida was in 1989 and before that, 1941. This rare glimpse was seen as far south as Puerto Rico. There are no known future dates for more solar storms at this time although we can expect more. The sun is in a phase known as solar maximum. Solar flares are likely to continue for a while. Did you get to see the Aurora Borealis? If you did, please share your experience and photo if you were able to take one in the comments section or on our social media. Violet Wisdom

  • A Test Article Written by AI

    I wondered if AI could create a good article, so I put the following into Copilot in Skype - "Imagine a paranormal investigator training school," and got the following: Welcome to Spectral Academy, the premier institution for training the next generation of paranormal investigators. Nestled in the misty highlands of Ethereal Ridge, this academy is a beacon for those who seek to understand and protect the world from supernatural phenomena. Campus and Facilities: • The Haunted Hall: The main building, an ancient manor with a storied past, where students learn in classrooms that rearrange themselves and halls that echo with whispers of old. • The Phantom Grounds: Expansive training fields equipped with simulated haunted environments, from eerie graveyards to abandoned asylums. Curriculum: • Apparition Analysis: Students study various ghostly entities, learning to identify, communicate with, and resolve hauntings. • Cryptid Zoology: A course dedicated to the study of elusive creatures, teaching tracking and interaction techniques for beings like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. • Ectoplasmic Science: An exploration of the material ghosts leave behind, understanding its properties and how it can be used to prevent spectral disturbances. Extracurricular Activities: • The Ghost Hunter's Guild: A club for field investigations, where students team up to explore real haunted locations under the guidance of experienced mentors. • The Mystic Arts Society: A group for those interested in the intersection of magic and ghost hunting, focusing on protective spells and psychic defenses. Traditions: • The Midnight Vigil: An annual event where students spend a night in the Haunted Hall, using their skills to detect and document paranormal activity. • The Founder's Quest: A challenging expedition into the heart of Ethereal Ridge, testing students' courage and investigative prowess. Unique Features: • The Spectral Library: A vast collection of rare tomes and manuscripts detailing centuries of supernatural encounters and research. • The Seance Chamber: A specially designed room that amplifies psychic energy, allowing for controlled communication with the other side. Spectral Academy is more than just a school; it's a gateway to the unknown. Here, students are not only taught the skills necessary to face the paranormal but are also imbued with the courage and curiosity to delve into mysteries that have puzzled humanity for ages. What do you think? Does it sound like a real place, or one that could be created, or the start of a fantasy novel?

  • Vegas Alien Video Proven Real!

    Forensic Investigator says it is Not Fake By Violet Wisdom After many attempts to discredit the 2023 video of two unknown beings in a Las Vegas’ family’s yard, a professional has stepped in to verify the video is real. One of the world's top forensic investigators, Scott Roder publicly stated the video is far from fake. While he isn’t able to confirm whether the beings are human or alien, he has confirmed the video wasn’t edited in any way. Roder, who currently works for the Evident Team based in Orlando, Florida, began his career with the Cleveland, Ohio police department almost 30 years ago and has investigated several high-profile murder cases. The 2023 incident occurred shortly after a UFO was seen by multiple eyewitnesses in three states. Many thought it was a meteor or a shooting star. The Las Vegas family called 911 shortly after the UFO to report tall beings that fell into their backyard. One of the police officers that took the call had seen the UFO himself before responding. The family also reported seeing men who they believed to be government officials watching their home. None of the family members wanted to do interviews. Their goal was to get an answer to what had landed in their yard, not attention. Roder states that the reaction of the family when they saw the beings was also viable proof that they were no part of a hoax. To this day there are dozens of news reports still available online stating that the video was altered, the reasons stated can also be found stated as false by highly credible fact-checking sites. _________________________________ Violet Wisdom is a writer and editor for the Un-X Network. If you have a story to share, contact her at

  • Watch out for Mercury Retrograde and Hooray for Beltane!

    By Violet Wisdom Have you ever been ill, but didn’t realize how sick you were until you got better? You know, that moment when you finally got dressed and made a piece of toast then felt like you deserved an Olympic medal? That’s what May first felt like spiritually for me. It wasn’t just a good day, it was a phenomenal day. I felt joyfully alive (to clarify, I still feel this way), deeply connected to nature, catching synchronicity from every direction, and meeting people that I can’t say for sure aren’t interdimensional. I burst through the UnX office door to announce to Margie that I felt the veil was thinning. She felt it too, and that was the end of the conversation for the time-being. Being astrologically semi-illiterate, I hadn’t realized that May 1st, May Day or Beltane has always been known as the springtime thinning of the veil. There is a very real energy created by the rebirth of nature this time of year. According to astrologists, this is a particularly fantastic time of year to connect with Fae, many of which protect nature, and more specifically, woods and forests. Since ancient times it has also been known as a time for gaining spiritual insight and glimpses of the future as well as a period of prosperity and clarity in related life choices. For example, I started writing a book in November last year only to put it on the shelf after 30,000 words. Suddenly this weekend the book re-entered my mind clearing away any mental blockages and fixing issues pertaining to character roles and plot. To put it bluntly, if you’ve been beating your head against the wall over what direction to take in your life, now is the time to revisit that and get your answer. You have three months. I’m not sure how your April was but Mercury Retrograde effects have proven to be quite real to me now. April was a month of problems, confusion and stress. If I would have known about MR and embraced the constant wackiness that came with it, I wouldn’t have been surprised by it all. I would have been able to see it for what it was, dealt with each moment as it came and moved on without a kinked neck and upset stomach. THIS is how we all can get through the next MR which begins on August 5 and goes until August 27. Thank goodness they only last a few weeks!

  • UnXplained Longevity

    By Violet Wisdom Eat healthy, avoid stress, and exercise. That’s the basics of potential longevity, right? Many centenarians and supercentenarians have added keeping busy, eating specifically organic foods, having faith, having close relationships, and avoiding bad habits all had a part in their longevity. Any physician or nutritionist would probably agree. But, maybe there’s more to it that isn’t so easily explained… Agnes Fenton, a New Jersey supercentenarian who lived to be 112, credited her long life to “beer, whisky and God.” The beloved comedian, George Burns who lived to 100 said the following about how to live a long life: "What's my secret? Drinking martinis, smoking cigars, going out with young girls and eating everything you want to eat providing you don't have to cut it with a knife. Why young girls? I'd go out with women my own age, but there are no women my age." According to a 2022 The List article, Burns smoked 10-15 cigars a day all the way to his last. I, myself, have an 87-year-old great aunt who is by no means running marathons but is doing amazingly well for having survived most of her life on deep-fried meat and Mountain Dew. Recently the story of 111-year-old John Alfred Tinniswood caught our eye. He believes he’s lived this long because he’s simply lucky and he eats fish and chips once a week. There are hundreds of examples of people living near or a decade plus beyond a hundred years old despite no obvious reason for it. Many of these people don’t or didn’t have exceptionally healthy life habits, so what gives? There are also many examples of people being told that they wouldn’t live past a certain age either by a doctor because of a medical condition or by family because of family life expectancy over several generations. Some took a premonition either of their own or from someone else and never challenged it. In this particular example, the beliefs became reality. Is it possible that how we feel about the food we eat, the stressful situations we experience, the lifestyles we live can affect us on a molecular level? I personally make an effort to make healthy foods a priority, it certainly can’t hurt, but I also enjoy chocolate cake, bacon with breakfast and a good glass of wine every now and then. When I do, does how I feel about what I’m eating possibly affect how my body processes it? If the next time someone slams on their brakes in front of me, if I can avoid a negative reaction can I also avoid the production of cortisol? There are a few more bits of advice that nearly all centenarians offer; Enjoy life, be passionate about something, don’t take everything so seriously, and just laugh. Until someone decides to truly study how the way we think and feel affects our longevity, this is just a theory. What’s yours?

  • Weird News - This Summer’s Delicacy: Cicadas

    by Violet Wisdom Not on my plate, but for the most daring of foodies out there, the upcoming plague-scale emergence of cicadas is offering options. If you aren’t a fan of thousands of bugs chirping and clicking, you can eat them! Food Network states they are often sauted or fried, used as pizza toppings and in tacos. The Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans, a restaurant with insect-specific cuisine is making a cicada salad. Historically, they have been eaten as a delicacy in Greece, Rome, and to this day in Asia. Words of caution, they can be dangerous for people with allergies to shellfish and anyone needing to avoid mercury (Don't we all? I thought Mercury was bad). It is also recommended that the bugs are processed in a sterile kitchen. Don’t have any cicadas in your area yet? You can head out to South Carolina where they have emerged in full force to the extent that the police are receiving numerous calls about loud concerning sounds. This year’s event won’t be a national one. Known as Brood XIII and Brood XIX, they will be hatching primarily in the center of the Midwest and the Appalachians. Personally, I love being able to witness natural phenomena. 2024 has already provided a solar eclipse and now a semi-rare cicada emergence. Bring it on cool little bugs, bring it on! Note from the editor: No way am I eating bugs. It's just gross. Check the packaging on your purchased food products - many of them such as Cheese Puffs, already have bugs listed in their ingredients under various names such as "organic cricket flour."

  • The X Now Has Three Membership Plans to Choose From

    The Un-X Network now has three membership plans, including a free bronze plan, a silver plan for just $5 per month, and the X-Club Gold plan for just $15 per month. With the Bronze plan and all subscriptions, members may access all live video and audio programs and most recorded programs, and receive daily show notices and the newsletter. The X currently has 30 shows to choose from, with live programs airing nightly, then repeated during the day, plus eight video shows available at YouTube and Vimeo on the Un-X Network channels. The video shows are also aired on all digital radio platforms! The Silver subscription offers the above plus a digital issue of the monthly Un-X Magazine, access to exclusive content, and access to the monthly special presentations at no charge. The X-Club Gold membership includes all of the above plus discounted rates to X-Con and other hosted events, VIP seating at events in person, a print copy of the quarterly Un-X Magazine, and access to exclusive content. Visit for more information and to see our list of quality shows focusing on the paranormal, consciousness, UFOs, Cryptids, and more.

  • Saucers and Aliens in a Small Kansas Town

    By Jim Gray There is something strange going on in a little town smack dab in the middle of Kansas. Mind you, the unusual activity hinges on a little-known collection that the town had kept secret for over forty years.Mind you, the unusual activity hinges on a little-known collection that the town had kept secret for over forty years. Like so many small towns across rural America Geneseo, Kansas (Pop. 200) is crumbling from economic decline. Downtown business is all but gone. Consolidation had robbed the town of its schools, people moved away, and businesses failed. Today little remains to build toward the future. But Geneseo had that secret… If anything could draw attention to the fading little town on the Kansas plains it was the collection no one wanted to talk about. It all began with Dr. E. D. Janzen, a man with a passion for learning. He had graduated from the Moody Bible Institute, learned brail and ventriloquism, and obtained degrees in Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Swedish massage, and auctioneering. Janzen loved his hometown and took up to the task of chronicling it’s history. He collected thousands of photographs from local family albums and turned them into slides for programs at churches, clubs, and schools. He never married, but lived with his parents in a two-story home on Silver Avenue. When they passed away the home was opened to the public. Photographs lined the walls interspersed with hundreds of artifacts. But it was his passion for one special collection that branded Doc Janzen as a crackpot. Doc and a friend with the same peculiar interest studied, traveled, and collected the stories of men who had made “contact” with aliens from outer space! John W. Dean had an encyclopedic knowledge of the strange spacecraft and the “space brothers” who navigated them about the solar system and beyond. Dean claimed that spacemen had urged him to compile his second book “Flying Saucers Close Up”, supplied the information and approved the final work. Buck Nelson of Mountain View, Missouri, was central to Janzen and Dean’s connections to the flying saucer craze of the 1950s through the mid-1970s. Nelson’s spacecraft conventions drew flying saucer enthusiasts from across the country. Buck was a national celebrity from the late 1950s into the early 60s. Nelson claimed to have been taken into space by the “space brothers.” They even welcomed his faithful dog Teddy aboard their “disk-like” ship powered by “magnetic force.” Nelson wrote and spoke often of his travels to “The Moon, Mars, and Venus.” Another contactee chronicled by Janzen was Chief Frank Buckshot Standing Horse of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. A ship landed at the Indian Church Camp operated by Chief Standing Horse. Invited to travel to the same celestial spheres as Buck Nelson Saturn, Jupiter, and the unknown planets of Oreon and Clarion were included in the itinerary. There was Prince Neosom and Princess Negonna from the planet Tythan, and perhaps the most famous and illusive of all space brothers, Valiant Thor, a man from Venus is documented to have had an office in the Pentagon, where our military leaders were said to have been under advisement. James Hill of Seymour, Missouri, having no phone, often communicated with Buck Nelson by telepathy. With Queeny, a dog from Venus at his side, Hill attended Nelson’s space craft conventions to speak of the Solar Tribunal. Tribunal operations were conducted from one of Saturn’s moons. Queeny and another by the name of King were always a hit at the conventions especially with Doc Janzen whose love for dogs was well-known. Janzen collected hair from the Venusian dogs still on display today at the Geneseo City Museum. What could be done to tell the world of Doc’s collection of memorabilia? The nearly forgotten UFO culture procured in an uncertain era of atomic bombs and rumors of secretive government knowledge of flying saucers was languishing on the walls and shelves of this little-known collection in small town Kansas. It was decided to celebrate World UFO Day on July 2, 2022. Quite unexpectedly, within a few days of that decision, the image of a compass was found etched in the concrete gutter bordering the museum grounds. It had been there all along, hidden by the silt that naturally collects along the streets. The curb and gutter was poured before Doc Janzen lived on the place estimated to have originated in the late 1940’s. But this was no ordinary compass. The vector, or pointer, was decorated with a clearly perceptible flying saucer pointing southwest toward the back of the museum. Even more incredible a direct line from the flying saucer vector for an exact distance of five hundred miles links the compass with Roswell, New Mexico! The Roswell Compass has baffled investigation beyond words. Who or what fashioned the mysterious figure in the concrete and what can it mean? During the 2022 World UFO Day celebration Cathy Holmes, President of the Geneseo City Council, read a proclamation declaring Geneseo, Kansas, the UFO Capital of Kansas. The Roswell Compass was unveiled to the public and visitors found an inviting atmosphere for those who wonder what lies beyond our own atmosphere.As World UFO Day is always July 2, the event has become Kansas UFO Day in order to keep it on a Saturday. Kansas UFO Day has grown significantly entertaining folks from far and wide. Those who find the acknowledgement of saucers and aliens encouraging and even enjoyable have discovered a home in this place the town has come to call “Dimension G.” With a nod to Buck Nelson and his Spacecraft convention an out-of-doors speakers’ stand is central to museum grounds surrounded by vendors. A steady line of visitors visit the exhibits within the Geneseo City Museum during the day’s events. Surprisingly a significant number of Geneseo citizens, giving the “space brothers” their due, have joined the celebration, decorating their yards, parading in costume, dancing in the streets, and taking in a movie under the stars. Late at night how could anyone resist watching the night sky for strange objects moving overhead! The 2022 movie under the stars was the 1951 production of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The iconic images of Gort and Klaatu coming to planet Earth have forged a place in the popular culture of alien contact. Those legendary images are coming to Dimension G when Geneseo celebrates Kansas UFO Day, July 6, 2024. Gort at a full height of eight feet is accompanied by Klaatu standing on the grounds of the Geneseo City Museum overlooking the mysterious Roswell Compass. With a 40% contribution from the Tourism Division of the Kansas Department of Commerce the museum directors have moved forward on faith that the science fiction community will find our pluck worthy of support to bring Gort & Klaatu to the UFO Capital of Kansas. Financial support from individuals of his community are not only welcome but vital. The presence of Gort and Klaatu in a little town in the middle of Kansas, the very epicenter of the United States, represents much more than the manifestation of characters from a UFO cult classic. Gort & Klaatu hold the very real prospect of reviving Geneseo from the ashes of its own demise. In The Day the Earth Stood Still, the death of Klaatu (Michael Rennie) at the hands of a trigger-happy soldier activated Gort to attack the aggressor in fulfillment of his responsibility to protect the Federation of Planets. The implication was that Earth was about to be reduced to a burned-out cinder. But, Klaatu had prepared the heroine, Helen Benson (Patricia Neal), to intreat the planetary protector with secret codewords.  “Gort, Klaatu, barada nikto.”  Gort’s destructive vengeance upon the human population is cut short. Klaatu is brought back to life in time to address the world’s leading scientists. Klaatu leaves them with a final warning. “Your choice is simple. Join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you.” Klaatu and Gort’s return to earth by way of the Geneseo City Museum brings new light on the meaning of “Klaatu barada nikto.” The underlying message to Gort in 1951 was to stand down from the ultimate destruction of humanity. “Save Planet Earth!” From a small town in the middle of the country the call has been proclaimed, “Save Planet Earth!” “Your choice is simple. Join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you.” Words to live by. The 2024 Saucers and Aliens Festival will be held July 6 in Geneseo, Kansas at the Geneseo City Museum. Geneseo City Museum contacts: FaceBook @ Geneseo City Museum Website: Email: Phone: 785-531-2058

  • Havana Syndrome Secrecy

    By Violet Wisdom Once again, a There’s nothing here to see, explanation is all we’re getting from a federal level. In the same way the most recently released AARO report states UFO and ET sightings are likely caused by people being exposed to sci-fi movies and TV shows, Havana Syndrome is being written off as likely caused by stress. Havana Syndrome is named for unexplained illnesses that suddenly began affecting US Embassy members in Havana, Cuba in 2016. Since this first widely known event there have been numerous similar attacks in China, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, India, Vienna, Berlin, London, Colombia and Lithuania as well as in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Florida. All events took place at embassies, consulates or political meetings including the 2023 NATO summit. Nearly all victims are American government employees/representatives and their families. Symptoms include vertigo, migraines, tinnitus, pain, vision impairment, mental illness onset, memory loss, and general cognitive dysfunctions. Those affected heard odd sounds coming from a single point before symptoms began which affected everyone in that particular room or area, and not anyone outside of it. The recent reporting on the CBS show 60 Minutes was the result of five years of investigative journalism into Havana Syndrome. This episode revealed numerous initial accounts of the events being foreign attacks by Russian Intelligence agents. According to CBS, an expert and physicist on microwave technology stated that China, Russia, and the US have the ability to create portable microwaves capable of causing these kinds of illnesses. Other theories of the source of the syndrome include: Electromagnet Technology Ultrasound Waves Stress/Mental Illness Acoustic Weapons Biological Weapons Pre-existing Health Conditions Those suffering from this unexplained illness point out that the idea of it being psychosomatic or stress-related doesn’t explain how their young children have the same symptoms. Whatever the cause, the current official stance from both the United States and Russia is that there were no attacks. That all of these events, nearly identical in how they happened, who they happened to and how the people were physically affected, are somehow random events that have some kind of simple explanation. None are offered, by the way. Despite the blind-eyed response, Congress announced this week that they will continue to investigate the events. To what degree this technology is being used and who has access to it is as terrifying as the denial of it. Because several Ufologists, crop circle researchers, and animal mutilation investigators have had similar experiences during conferences and presentations, this may have become a fairly obtainable weapon for anyone to access.

  • Great Conferences to attend this year

    By Faun Gray Looking for something to do this year? Ready to get out of the house and be with people? These are our top picks for conferences for the remainder of 2024: The Curiosities Festival is coming to Northeast Philadelphia on May 4, 2023!! Come join us for an amazing day of curiosities, with music, beer garden, unique vendors, crafters and artists, photo ops in our Curiosities, UFO and Paranormal tents, as well as performances by the most curious. We also will have 3 speakers on various curious subjects throughout the day, If you are curious you do not want to miss this one!! CURIOSITIES FESTIVAL Tickets, Sat, May 4, 2024 at 12:00 PM | Eventbrite The Rebels of Disclosure conference, hosted by Journey to Truth, is a unique experience in a wonderful setting in a wooded area close to the Mississippi River. The energy is always high. Limited seating, so get your tickets ASAP! This one is pretty crazy with too many speakers and events to count! Take a trip to Giant Rock and the Integretron, visit the Mitchel-Hedges Skull, take workshops, and take your pick from no less than eight stages where speakers will be presenting, and much more! If you like to keep busy and see thousands of people, this conference is for you! July 6, 2024: Geneseo, Kansas UFO Festival and installation of Gort and Klaatu statues, parade, decorated yards, and presentations. This is a fun festival in the middle of nowhere! If you're in the area, stop by for a unique festival! Visit the museum with the UFO exhibit, hear speakers, visit vendors, see a parade, and watch a movie! This town is serious about UFOs! More info: The MUFON Symposium is being held July 11-14, 2024 in Dallas/Ford Workth Area - Irving, Texas. Keynote speaker Robert Salas. multiple speakers, vendors, and events. Visit for more information. Ready for a unique and exciting cruise with multiple speakers, workshops, private readings, vendors, and skywatches? This is the cruise for you. Join with Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime. Explore"the truth that's out there" during our amazing "Contact at Sea" Cruise, onboard an extraordinary luxury ship on a seven-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during port calls in Alaska and Canada. Tell them Un-X sent you. See more great conferences and events at under the events page!

  • 1984 Pterodactyl Sighting in Kansas

    Recently reported By Margie Kay Jeff Wendel contacted me to relate a 1984 sighting of a Pterodactyl in Piper, Kansas. After speaking to Ken Gerhard and discussing my experience, Ken referred Jeff to me since I study winged cryptids. Jeff said that he estimates the creature had at least a 20-to-30-foot wingspan. The head was typical a pterodactyl type head and its wings had two curves on the sides closest to the tail. He couldn’t see detail as it was flying very high, and he was almost looking into the sun. It was a clear sunny day in June with no clouds. Jeff saw only one small flap off the wings during the five or so minutes he observed the creature. He went inside to get his telescope to get a better view but when he went back outside, he could no longer see the winged creature. Until recently, Jeff only told two people in his life. He told his mother at the time of the sighting, but she didn't believe the story, and his ex-wife who did believe him. Jeff said, "It’s stuck with me and recall it so vividly because I didn’t even believe my own eyes when it happened." There wasn’t the technology we have now at that time, which rules out a drone. Jeff said, "It’s stuck with me, and I recall it vividly because I didn’t believe my own eyes when it happened. I’m so thankful people believe they exist.  I can say with 100% certainty that in 1984, some type of pterosaur was alive and flying in Piper, Kansas." This sighting will be added to the Winged Cryptids Map, which is viewable at

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