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  • X-Con Speaker Highlight- Ronald C Meyer

    Investigation at the Bradshaw Ranch Ronald Meyer owns a film production company called Centre Communications. He has produced and Directed feature films, including the first feature film for discovery communications “legend of the spirit dog “He is author of two novels with Mark Reeder, and two other novels, their latest being “Aliens 2035: The End of Technology”. Ron leads flow workshops, and is a 5th black belt in Aikido. Recently he produced the number one streaming documentary series on Amazon prime about serial killers. As a follow-up to the highly successful Amazon prime series “chasing Bigfoot” he's produced in an award-winning documentary feature called “the Bigfoot alien connection revealed”. The movie has garnered over 7 million views as many streaming platforms. New movies released in 2022: “The paranormal mind: lifting the veil to a greater reality” “Alien contact in the Rockies” and “Aliens and nukes: the Mario Wood story” Ronald staring collectively fossils at the early age of 14. Since then he and his collecting buddy Gerald O Gunderson discovered three of the world’s soft bodied sites including the Brandon bridge fauna. He has two ancient species named after him and has co-authored multiple paleontological peer reviewed papers. He lives in Louisville Colorado. New movie coming out soon: “The Bigfoot of Bailey Colorado and its Portal” in September 2023 he and his son-in-law launching a spiritual Bigfoot retreat . Spiritual Bigfoot Retreat - BAW ( ​ Ronald and Alan Megargle will be speaking on October 31, 6:30-8p.m.

  • X-Con Speaker Highlight- Margie Kay

    The Kansas City Mothman Mothman came to Kansas City in 2011 and there have been multiple sightings since that remain unexplained. People have been terrorized inside their homes and on roads and highways by a winged humanoid creature with black bat-like wings and either red glowing eyes, or black eyes. Margie Kay connects the dots between these strange creatures and UAPs in this presentation. Margie Kay is the president of the Un-X Network. She is a licensed private investigator in Missouri, and serves as the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. She owns a fire investigation company in Independence. Kay has been investigating the paranormal for over 40 years, after her first encounter with an ET at a very young age. ​ Kay is the author of Winged Aliens: Evidence for a UFO connection; Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide; The Fast Movers: Evidence for high-speed UFO/UAPs; A Sonoma County Phenomena; The Remote Viewing Workbook; Master Dowsing Chart Book; and more. She has spoken at over 200 conferences nationwide and wrote over 250 articles for UFO Midwest Magazine, Un-X News Magazine and more. She serves as editor-in-chief of Un-X Magazine. ​ Margie is an accomplished remote viewer and offers training courses. She has helped to solve over 60 missing person, homicide, and theft cases for law enforcement and private investigators using her unique abilities. Margie will be speaking on Tuesday, October 31 10:45-12:15 Website:

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Forest Crawford

    The Oscar Case - What can we learn from one extraordinary Missouri UFO Investigation? The Oscar Case - What can we learn from one extraordinary Missouri UFO Investigation? Oscar is a retired military security officer who was involved in the retrieval of a crashed alien craft. He encountered a live occupant in that craft and formed a relationship with him. After being removed from military service his relationship with the alien's race continued. The information learned and the experiences had by the investigators of this case are nothing short of mind-blowing. Bio: Forest started his life-long journey as a UFO/UAP investigator at age 10 when he witnessed a saucer shaped craft land in a farm field near Hardin, Illinois. By age 13 he began collecting books on the subject and at age 18 he gave his first public presentation at the UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis on "Propulsion Theory and Detection Methods". He went off to college on a Navy R.O.T.C. scholarship as a Physics major. He later got involved as a Field Investigator for MUFON. He continued as a State Section Director, Assistant State Director and ultimately as MUFON State Director of Illinois where he served for 11 years. Forest was also appointed to the MUFON Staff position of Computer Specialist where he created the first computer database to collect and analyze MUFON's vast UFO reports and data. He also served as the Midwest Director of the Center for Crop Circle Studies. He is an award winning Certified Hypnotherapist and has worked with many experiencers to help them better understand and remember their close encounters. He holds a BA degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology from Maryville University. Forest has presented on his research at conferences and group meetings all over the country and has been heard on many radio shows and TV programs. He has appeared in several documentaries and was a technical consultant for a made-for-TV movie about abduction experiences. He is currently acting as the Master of Ceremonies for the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference held annually in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Forest will be speaking on Wednesday, November 1, 9-10:15 a.m.

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Bill Spicer

    The Fast Movers and How to Capture Them on Film ​ Bill Spicer is a UFO/UAP researcher who uses a fascinating technique of capturing photos and videos of UFO/UAP Craft with digital cameras since 2009. ​ Bill is a co-author of the book titled: “The Fast Movers: Evidence of High-Speed UFOs/UAPs “ ©2020 Bill has presented multiple times to groups and individuals a unique viewing technique called Quantum UFO Observation Technique, used to see “The Fast Movers”, UAP/UFO craft. This technique when practiced, using simple protocols, will allow the observer to see and interact with the Quantum Consciousness Field/Quantum Electrodynamics Vacuum (QED) that surrounds us. This field, "sentience or awareness of internal or external existence", is at play within the Quantum Vacuum as a part of the properties of nature, that include harmonic frequencies of light, or thought projections (holographic) coming through the veil. By doing so, it allows the observer to interact with other conscious, non-human intelligent beings and their craft, that exist outside our three-dimensional space-time frequency. The UFOs/UAPs can become corporeal (physical) in our 3rd Dimension when a purpose is required. By using this viewing technique, Bill has assisted others with the awakening process so that they may understand their experiences by contact with a non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences. The contact, “Contact Modalities”, may include contact by: Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Out of Body Experiences (OBEs), UFO visitations, Meditation, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreams, etc. These experiences form “The Modern Miracles”. Bill will be speaking on October 31, 3:30-5:00 pm

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Tyler Kiwala

    ET, Sasquatch & Inner Earth Experiences Bio: Tyler Kiwala is an experiencer, independent researcher and passionate disclosure activist. Most popularly known in the awakening community for Journey to Truth Podcast, hosted by himself and fellow disclosure activist Aaron Kuhn. Together they have created a platform for discussing any and all "controversial" and eye-opening topics without limitations in an effort to spread awareness to the masses. ​ Tyler is the co-producer of the Journey to Truth Conference and the new documentary film Cahokia Mounds: The Untold Story. ​ Link to Journey to Truth Podcast: ​​​ ( Tyler will be speaking Oct 30, 10:30-12

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Dan Terry

    Most Haunted Sites in Missouri Missouri may not seem like a ghost hunters dream, but there are haunted places everywhere. Dan has spent years going through many haunted homes, businesses, and other buildings in the Show-Me State. Dan Terry has been among the first, (or the first), to investigate such places as the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, the John Busch Brewery in Washington, the Gasconade County Courthouse in Hermann, the Hermann City Hall and Police Station, and many others. See and hear the evidence from some of the most haunted places in the midwest. ​ Bio: Dan Terry is a Missouri Native, a Coast Guard Veteran, and a survivor of 34 years of police work. Dan started ghost hunting before it was popular, starting in 1979 and inspired by the television exploits of Kolchak: The Night Stalker. ​ He has been one of the first investigators in several places, including the haunted John Busch Brewery, The Fox Theater in St. Louis, Mo., the Gasconade County Courthouse in Hermann, Mo., and the Hermann Police Station and City Hall in Missouri, in addition to many other places. Since 2006, he has written for local newspapers, Haunted Times magazine, and is currently a staff writer for UnX Magazine. Additionally, Dan has written several books including Missouri Shadows, River Shadows, Too Ornery To Die, and Supernatural Washington, all of which reveal not only his own interest in the paranormal, but his own supernatural adventures as well. ​ Today, Dan Terry is retired from police work and living in the mountains of western North Carolina, where he works as a tour guide for ghost tours in Mt. Airy and Pilot Mountain. Dan will be speaking from 3:15-4:45 on on Monday October 30.

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Mindy Tautfest

    Dying to Meet Them While most Near-Death Experiencers return to this plane of existence with alluring tales of their time spent in the presence of the divine, what happens when one crosses the veil into the afterlife and Heaven refuses to answer? What existence truly lies beyond our own expectations? In this gripping true story, author, investigator, and aneurysm survivor Mindy Tautfest reveals the raw and unfettered details of her own chilling encounter in a place of isolating, utter darkness known as The Void. The wife of a Southern Baptist minister, her expectations of a joyous homecoming full of all-encompassing love were shattered when she was instead met with a devastating experience for which she could have never been prepared. Fighting to escape the desolate outer darkness where she had been cast, she would return only to find herself in an equally harsh world with the memories and physical repercussions of death lingering over her as an ever-present shadow. After enduring further setbacks which once again landed her in the hospital, Mindy began making funeral arrangements and took a family vacation to Roswell to fulfill one of her last dying wishes. Instead of the trip being the expected somber farewell, what followed was a miraculous turn of events which propelled her on an internal journey of spiritual growth and divine healing. In this eye-opening book, her research into the Distressing Near-Death Experience phenomenon highlights the major correlations previously found between UFO and Near-Death Experiencers during the Omega Project and takes them a step further, describing them in detail as she personally experienced them. Highlighted are the aspects of the Encounter Prone Personality perceived during childhood, as well as a collection of commonly reported after-effects which consistently result in a positive transformation wherein the experiencer seeks to use their newfound abilities to inform and elevate humanity. Bio: Mindy Tautfest is a published author, speaker, television personality, and the curator of the Hayden C. Hewes International UFO Bureau (IUFOB). Founded out of Oklahoma City in 1957, the IUFOB most famously investigated the Heaven’s Gate Cult, the Aurora Texas Crash and Burial Site, and the massive 1965 UFO Flap over the central United States. Of great historical importance, President Jimmy Carter submitted the original, hand written report of his 1969 UFO sighting to Hayden’s bureau, and a copy of the IUFOB report now hangs in the Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, GA. In 2023, Tautfest recovered the IUFOB files and has been working to digitize and preserve all documents from these incredible investigations. An Oklahoma native, she got her start while investigating hauntings in the Sooner State in search of answers to her own mystifying experiences. In the past, Mindy has worked as an ICU Nurse with ACLS certification on assignments across the nation and has volunteered her time to Disaster Relief efforts including the Colorado Black Forest Fires, Hurricane Katrina, and the devastating May 3,1999 Moore Tornado. Tautfest now volunteers her time working with the Mutual UFO Network. In this capacity, she serves as the Dean of MUFON University, the Oklahoma State Director of MUFON, and a member of the Experiencer Resource Team. Her investigation of the 1975 Miracle Mountains Schoolyard Encounter was designated as MUFON’s Top Case of Interest in 2021, and she was featured on Season 19, Episode 5 of Ancient Aliens speaking about the mass sighting. In 2016, Tautfest suffered a brain aneurysm resulting in a Near Death Experience where she found herself in a place known as the Void. Although traditionally thought of as a separate phenomenon, recent studies have discovered that up to a staggering 55% of UFO Experiencers also report having had a Near Death Experience. This is a little understood statistic, but Mindy’s personal encounter with the Near Death phenomenon combined with years of investigations into UFO encounters, places her in a unique position to understand the underlying connections and after effects seen as a result of these enigmatic events. Her book, Dying To Meet Them, chronicling her incredible journey from NDE to UAP is due out in August of 2023. ​ Mindy will be speaking Tuesday Oct 31 1:30-3:15 p.m.

  • More than Mothman and Bigfoot

    By Violet Wisdom Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or heading out to try to find bigfoot, you might want to apprize yourself of a few other cryptids that you just might run into. Besides the giant beloved sasquatch, mothman is about the only other well known scientifically unrecognized creature (Loch Ness is so passe). Here are a few lists from West Virginia and the state of Washington to broaden your horizons. West Virginia Grafton Monster- Not friendly. Massive human-like humpback with whitish skin. Sheepsquatch- Over twice the size of a bear, smells like sulfur, has ram horns and a creepy dog-like face. Snarly Yow- Giant wolf-like black creature with a red mouth that has also been reported seen in Maryland since at least the Civil War. It is believed that it is an apparition as it has been seen going through vehicles and even people. Cumberland Dragon- Documented sightings since the 1790’s. As the name suggests, it is basically a dragon with red eyes, feet like geese and brown, black and yellow scales. The Cumberland Dragon is also found in Native American stories from the region. Washington State Sea Serpent- Well, maybe ole Nessy has a cousin? The Washington Sea Creature known as Cadborosaurus has had reported sightings for over a hundred years. The snake-like sea critter is said to be so long and large that it can attack ships by wrapping itself around them. Thunderbird- Is it a car, is it a military jet? NO! It’s a giant bird with a 70 foot wingspan that can create a thunderstorm! Like the Cumberland Dragon, this one goes back to Native American stories and sightings are reported throughout the United States. Fairies- From Native American stories to the modern day, Fairies in America’s northwest are simply (and quite literally) overshadowed by the cryptid king, Sasquatch. Little people, elves, and spirit creatures known as little earths. There is even a Fairy and Human Relations Congress each year. Keep your camera on you! You never know…. Have you seen an unexplained creature? We'd like to hear about it. Send your story to

  • X-Con 2023 Speaker Highlight- Michelle Reuss

    Demonic Myths and Exorcism: Have you ever been curious about the practices of demonology and exorcism? There are a lot of myths, rumors, and legends out there surrounding these practices, and this discussion focuses on clearing things up. Demonology is the study of demons and their behavior, while exorcism is the actual act of expelling a demon from a person or place. It's important to note that not all negative energies are demonic entities, and not all demonic entities are the same. There are many different types of demonic entities, such as demons of temptation, possession, and destruction. However, demons and negative energies can mimic each other, so it's important to seek the help of a trained professional to determine the root cause of any negative experiences. By understanding the truth about these practices, we can dispel myths and rumors and approach them with a clear and informed perspective. BIO: Michelle Reuss is a Psychic and Trance Medium. She does Psychometry, is an Ordained Minister and Demonologist/Exorcist. She works in Parapsychology and as a Psychic Advisor. She is the Riverside Iowa Paranormal Founder, and Owner of Thriller Events and Founder of Daughters of Hecate. Michelle has spent multiple years in the Paranormal Field as an investigator and researcher. She has continued her studies and is credited with multiple degrees including: a Doctor of Metaphysics Degree, a Doctor of Divinity Degree, and a degree in Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry. While studying at the Universal Life Church Seminary, Michelle studied: Counseling and Para Counseling, Atheism and Agnostics, and Religion-Ancient African practices to modern take on religion. Michelle has also studied the effects of satanic abuse deriving from cult activity. Michelle holds the distinction of being the first woman listed on the Worldwide Society of Exorcists. She studied at the Universal Church Ministry. As the founder of Riverside Iowa Paranormal, Michelle uses her abilities to assist with paranormal cases locally and globally. She has been called in to assist on dark cases where the worst types of energy/spirits have been present. Michelle is an avid believer in practicing safe paranormal techniques and grounding. She shares her knowledge and experiences with fellow paranormal researchers across the world. She also helps children with psychic abilities through teaching and counseling. Michelle also mentors' fellow mediums as they start and continue on their journeys, not only with how to work with their abilities, but the importance of how to protect themselves from psychic attacks. Another service Michelle offers is the removal and storage of haunted items in a secured and blessed location. Michelle is also the owner of Thriller Events, a ticketing platform for paranormal, metaphysical, and other worldly events. Michelle and her daughter will be speaking at X-Con on Monday, October 30 from 1:30-3 p.m.

  • HUGE Discount to X-Con 2023 - for Members Only!

    October 30 - Nov 1 Springfield, Missouri Live and in-person or livestream! Top speakers - Vendors - Raffle - Door Prizes - Banquet - Costume Contest! After September 23: Get 50% off the regular ticket price until 9 - 30! Use promo code UNXSUB! Regular price $279 Check out our great speaker lineup! Film premier: Costume party and costume contest! Enter to win prizes! Categories: Best Paranormal Costume, Best Mad Hatter Theme Costume, Best Alien Costume Your 3-day ticket includes: All speakers including the keynote, vendor access, raffle, door prize entry, OZ UFO T-Shirt, skywatch, and Halloween Party and Banquet. X-Con 2023 is hosted by OZ UFO and the Un-X Network KUNX Digital Broadcasting Network, Corp. Kansas City, Missouri

  • X-Con 2023- Speaker Hightlight, Sev Tok

    Tuesday October 21, -Speaking with Aliens Sev Tok is a Speaker, Author, Transformational Coach, Ufologist, and Experiencer Advocate. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she emigrated to the US as a a little girl, not knowing English as she started first grade, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University. Sev moved to the Inner Banks of North Carolina in 2017 and had a life-altering experience the second night she arrived. She came face-to-face with Greys who burned two red X marks into her back. Sev’s ET Contact started at age 10, but she kept it hidden until she moved to the Inner Banks. She “came out” in 2018 as a Speaker at AlienCon and through her book, You Have The Right To Talk To Aliens , endorsed by renowned UFO Researcher, Kathleen Marden. She is currently working on her next book. Sev is featured in the Canadian TV docuseries, Encounter: UFO - Physical Contact . She has been interviewed around the world, and speaks at international conferences. She was the Master of Ceremonies at MUFON’s International Symposium 2022 and is MUFON’s (Mutual UFO Network) Assistant State Director for North Carolina, a Field Investigator, and on the Executive Committee of the Experiencer Resource Team. North Carolina is usually in the Top 10 most UFO sightings in the country. As an Experiencer Advocate, Sev helps Experiencers around the world. She also offers personal and private guidance to Experiencers through Tell Me Your ET Story on her website, , her monthly newslette r, and her YouTube channel Alien Spirit. A planet and star system is named after her in the STAR WARS Galactic System! You can find the Sev Tok Star System and Planet in Wookieepedia . You may have heard her planet mentioned in the newest episode of Star Wars: Andor! ​ Sev lives on the Inner Banks of North Carolina, in the small, quaint, town of Oriental, which is the sailing capital of North Carolina. ​

  • Edge of Reality Final Show: A Tribute to Lee Speigel

    By Margie Kay The Un-X Network is hosting a special final edition of "Edge of Reality" as a tribute to the one and only Lee Speigel, who passed August 14, 2023. Lee was well-liked by those in the UFO community, and several of his best friends and colleagues will stop by to share stories about Lee. Jacques Vallee', Martin Willis, James Fox, David Marler, Marc D'Antonio, Peter Robbins, Toby Martinez, Dale Hendrickson, Ben Hansen, Kathleen Marden and Alejandro Rojas will join show hosts Race Hobbs and Margie Kay. Lee served as managing editor of Un-X Magazine, and host of Edge of Reality on the Un-X Network. He worked at the Huffington Post for 12 years, produced and appeared in documentary films, and wrote multiple articles. Lee is the first, and only person to date to coordinate a hearing about UFOs at the United Nations. The show will air live on Thursday, September 21 at 8:00 pm Eastern time. Watch live or see the archives on YouTube. Watch the show Listen to Lee's show archives at anytime. See an article about Lee in the September issue of Un-X Magazine.

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