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Ron Meyer

Radio Show Guest  |  TV Show Guest | Conference Speaker  

We have had numerous paranormal contact experiences and we have had many interesting encounters during our filming of paranormal hotspots and have written a book categorizing all the paranormal phenomena we encountered during our filming and investigations “the Bigfoot alien connection revisited” and would love to speak about what we've encountered. 


Ronald Meyer owns a film production company Centre Communications. He has produced and Directed feature films, including the first feature film for discovery communications “legend of the spirit dog “He is author of two novels with Mark Reeder, and two other novels, their latest being “Aliens 2035: The End of Technology”. Ron leads flow workshops, and is a 5th black belt in Aikido. Recently he produced the number one streaming documentary series on Amazon prime about serial killers.
As a follow-up to the highly successful Amazon prime series “chasing Bigfoot” he's produced in an award-winning documentary feature called “the Bigfoot alien connection revealed”. The movie has garnered over 7 million views as many streaming platforms.
New movies released in 2022: “The paranormal mind: lifting the veil to a greater reality” “Alien contact in the Rockies” and “Aliens and nukes: the Mario Wood story”
Ronald staring collectively fossils at the early age of 14. Since then he and his collecting buddy Gerald O Gunderson discovered three of the world’s soft bodied sites including the Brandon bridge fauna. He has two ancient species named after him and has co-authored multiple paleontological peer reviewed papers. He lives in Louisville Colorado.

Below are some links:
(1)          The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed - (28) The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed - Full Movie - YouTube -- over 7 million views across multiple streaming platforms
(2)          Paranormal Highway DVD Review - Movieman's Guide to the Movies ( ((28) Paranormal Highway Trailer - YouTube
(3)          The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revisited: Meyer, Ronald C., Reeder, Mark: 9798830981415: Books
(4)          Vudu - Alien Contact in the Rockies Alan Megargle, Ronald Meyer, Watch Movies & TV Online  ((28) Alien Contact in the Rockies Trailer - YouTube
in September we spoke at the conference in Vernal next to the skin Walker Ranch and our own investigation on the edge of the property and encountered a UAP along with other paranormal phenomena
we just did a full paranormal investigation at the next skin Walker Ranch called the Bradshaw ranch outside of Sedona Arizona.




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