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Lisa Martin

Lisa Martin

Radio Host  |  TV Show Guest  |  Conference Speaker

Lisa Livingston Martin is a lifelong resident of Missouri. Lisa is an author, historian, producer, and attorney with longstanding interests in history and the paranormal. She is producer and writer of the Dark Ozarks television series and videocast, and is director of Paranormal Science Lab, a research group which focuses on paranormal research at historic locations. Paranormal Science Lab hosts public history and ghost tours, seminars as well as paranormal investigations and research. Lisa is a frequent speaker on history, the paranormal, and unexplained mysteries. Specialized topics include The Hornet Spook Light, History of the Ozarks, and Paranormal Investigations.

Lisa is the author of the following books:


Civil War Ghosts of Southwest Missouri

Haunted Joplin

Missouri’s Wicked Route 66: Gangsters and Outlaws on the Mother Road

Haunted Carthage, Missouri


Lisa has appeared on the following television shows: 


Death Walker, Season 2, Discovery+ UK, CTV SciFi Canada 2021

Strange World, Season 1, Episode 6, 2016, Insight TV in Europe

Ghost Hunters, Season 10, Episode 5, “A Fright at the Opera”, 2015

Monsters and Mysteries in America, Season 3, Episode 26: “Twisted Believers”, The Weather Channel, 2014

My Ghost Story Caught on Camera: Season 6, Episode 3: "Little Ghosts on the Prairie"

The Haunted Collector: Season 3, Episode 26: “Ghost Storm”

“Shadows on 66” DVD release. 2013

Books by Lisa Martin
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