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Why the Big Secret

with Roderick Martin

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UFO encounters have been reported over 75 years igniting some of history's most controversial cover-ups. Millions of people claim to have seen a UFO. Some encounters are so shocking and mysterious that they earn the label "The Big SECRET." Why The Big Secret™ uses an entertaining and informative cultural lens to provide a rare glimpse into the minds of the experiencers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological traumas. With the help of in-depth research, we delve deep into their lives and stories. I am Roderick Martin, UFO researcher, and MUFON UFO investigator.  I will examine a UFO encounter that's maybe lesser known today but was huge when it happened which led to the motivation for "Big Secret Keepers" aka the government and religious institutions along with everyday citizens for keeping the Big Secret out of sight.


Host Bio


Roderick is a big man on a big mission – to get to the truth. After a successful career in the exotic bird business Roderick transitioned into his true passion, UFOs. Roderick spent months training to become a certified MUFON Field investigator and since then has spent hundreds of hours in Texas and around the country leading investigations. Roderick has gained popularity through his hugely successful Clubhouse group “Why The Big Secret”, as the author of “How To Become A Clubhouse Influencer”, “Why The Big Secret” podcast, YouTube channel and most recently with the release of the Discovery+ documentary “Alien Endgame”, Billy Carson’s Black Knight Satellite: Beyond The Signal.

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