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Lynn Monet

Lynn MOnet

Radio Show Guest  |  TV Show Guest  |  Conference Speaker


Lynn is a world-renowned author, paranormal  consultant and lecturer specializing in hauntings, dying, death and afterlife. She is an empath with the ability to see frequencies interdimensionally that most cannot. Lynne has been a nurse for over 25 years. Most of her work has been in end-of-life care, management and geriatrics. She also has a  degree in biological science.


Lunne currently has two books out as a part of a 5-book series. She has a third book coming out soon which not a part of that series.  Lynne has been a guest on mulitiple shows including Linda Moulton  Howe to Coast- To- Coast AM, and Greg Kos. She is also a monthly regular on Journey Through the gate.

Lynn Monét pronounced (Lin Moenay)


Contact Lynn Monet

Phone: 1-828-335-6432

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