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16 Presentations
and Activities over 3 days!

Peter Robbins

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Scott Nelson

X-Con 2024:
Unexplained Phenomena: Paranormal - UAPs - Cryptids

Presented by OZ UFO and the Un-X Network 

Celebrate the Un-Network Third Anniversary with us!

October 11: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm

October 12: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

October 13: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Top speakers - Vendors - Raffle - Film Premiers - Paranormal Investigation - Workjshops - Costume Party - Banquet


The very HAUNTED Oasis Hotel and Conference Center
2546 Glenstone Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65803
417-866-5253 or 1-888-532-4338
  Cut-off date for discounted rates is Sept 1



Confirmed Speakers: 

Keynote: Peter Robbins, UFO researcher

Scott Nelson, Cryptolinguist:
Bigfoot has a Language!

Tyler Kiwala:
The History of the Secret Space Program


Michelle Reuss:
Paranormal Equipment Workshop
(Bring your own equipment if desired)

Dan Terry:
Dowsing Workshop

(bring your dowsing rods and pendulum. We will have some available for sale)

Debbie Ziegelmeyer:

The SE Missouri UFO Flap of 1973


The Alien Colonization of Earth's Waterways

Martha Hazzard Decker:

The Hill House Haunting


Adrian and Tina Scalf:
Paranormal Investigations

Linda Eastburn:
The Connection between Ghosts, Aliens, and Bigfoot


Violet Wisdom and Margie Kay:
How to Research Your Haunted House

Workshops Friday night 

Paranormal Equipment Workshop with Michelle Reuss 6:30 pm
Dowsing Workshop with Dan Terry (we will have dowsing rods available for purchase) 7:00 pm

Saturday Afternoon:

Mind Speak with Ghosts, Aliens, and Bigfoot with Linda Eastburn 

Adrian and Tina Scalf: 
Paranormal Investigating 

Kim Carlsberg: 
Personal Encounters with Extraterrestrials

Ghost Hunt: 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Friday night in the main hall!
at the very haunted Oasis Hotel on Friday Night headed by

Michelle Reuss and Dan Terry. Bring your own equipment if you wish!



 Mad Hatter Costume Party and Banquet
 (wear your best costume for the contest!)


Door Prizes
Surprise Film Premier

Un-X Network Awards Ceremony
(Best show, best paranormal researcher)

Tickets: Registration open 
with a super early bird special!

 Includes all speakers and film, ghost hunt
Mad Hatter Banquet and Costume Party

 Door prize entry, and access to the vendors! 

Become a subscriber
Become an X-Club Gold Member for

Full Conference Ticket includes all speakers, workshops, access to vendors, film, door prize entry,
ghost hunt, and the Mad Hatter Costume party and banquet
 on Saturday.  

No children under age 18 allowed. Handicap accessible. Over 21 only at the banquet. 

Raffle proceeds go to support the Tunnel to Towers organization​​.

Super Early Bird by May 1: $199.00

Early Bird by August 1: $229.00 

Standard by October 1: $299.00

At the door after October 1 (no banquet meal): $299.00
Ghost Hunt Friday night only: $35.00

Banquet and Costume Party only for sig other (register by October 1) $35.00
Optional Meal Plan includes lunch Friday, Saturday, Sunday and dinner on Friday: $90.00

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Debbie Ziegelmeyer

Tyler Kiwala

Mindy Tautfest


Michelle Reuss

Dan Terry


Linda Eastburn

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