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Special Monthly Presentations

The Un-X Network is proud to present special presentations by researchers, investigators, authors, and experiencers. If you miss the live presentation, watch it on demand anytime!
X-Club Gold members may attend at no charge.

Special Presentation


April 18, 2024  

6:30 pm Central Time, 7:30 pm Eastern Time

The Contactee From Brazil: A Hybrid that lives Among Us

Guest Speaker:

Forest Crawford


Forest started his life-long journey as a UFO/UAP investigator at age 10 when he witnessed a saucer shaped craft land in a farm field near Hardin, Illinois. By age 13 he began collecting books on the subject and at age 18 he gave his first public presentation at the UFO Study Group of Greater St. Louis on "Propulsion Theory and Detection Methods". He went off to college on a Navy R.O.T.C. scholarship as a Physics major. He later got involved as a Field Investigator for MUFON. He continued as a State Section Director, Assistant State Director and ultimately as MUFON State Director of Illinois where he served for 11 years. Forest was also appointed to the MUFON Staff position of Computer Specialist where he created the first computer database to collect and analyze MUFON's vast UFO reports and data. He also served as the Midwest Director of the Center for Crop Circle Studies. He is an award winning Certified Hypnotherapist and has worked with many experiencers to help them better understand and remember their close encounters. He holds a BA degree in Organizational Leadership with a minor in Psychology from Maryville University. Forest has presented on his research at conferences and group meetings all over the country and has been heard on many radio shows and TV programs. He has appeared in several documentaries and was a technical consultant for a made-for-TV movie about abduction experiences. He is currently acting as the Master of Ceremonies for the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference held annually in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


$2.99 pp

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​​March 14, 2024
6:30 - 8:30 pm Central Time

 Guest Speaker:

Larry Tyree

Topic:  CUBE Shaped UFOs

1. When did we start to notice Cubes?  How many have been reported?
2. We will view 13 cases, all of which have images.
3. Of the photos in the most widely known cube cases, how reliable are they?
4. Why a cube shape?
5. What next?

Larry Tyree is a Field Investigator with Illinois Chapter of MUFON. He is also part of a Combined Photographic Analysis team (COPA) from both Missouri and Illinois investigators. He enjoys assisting MUFON investigators by examining video evidence and providing an analysis of the video.

Previously he was Chief Investigator with the Missouri Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network. Larry has made numerous video lecture presentations that exhibit images and data from cases that he has investigated.

Tyree noticed objects moving in and out of Blue Springs Lake several years ago, and has paid particular attention to the activity in this area. Many of them are very fast moving craft. He has been a frequent presenter at local and state MUFON chapter meetings and paranormal conferences in Missouri. His talks included topics such as Anomalies on the Moon, Anomalies on Mars, Solar Visitors, “The Fast Movers”, Highlights of his own sightings, High Strangeness, Studying sightings using math,  and more

Two Women and a Map

November 9, 2023
6:30 pm Central


Speakers: Jean Walker and Margie Kay 


Jean and Margie have worked numerous UFO cases together over the past several years and they share some of their most bizarre encounters in this presentation. From UFOs to disappearing ETs, to unexplained bruises that have appeared on both of them at the same time and more will be presented.
Jean Walker is the Kansas City Section Director for Missouri MUFON and Margie Kay is the Assistant State Director.

Strange Cloud Formations and UFOs

Thursday, October 19, 2023
6:30 pm Central Time

Presenter: Jean Walker

See photos of strange clouds and the UFO connection.  Are UFOs hiding in clouds?

Jean Walker is the Section Director for Kansas City MUFON, and author of the book “Family Secrets,” which is an account of her personal paranormal and UFO experiences. Jean has an MA degree in Education and an MA in Computers. She and taught science for 20 years. 

$2.99 or free for X-Club Gold Members
A link will be sent prior to the presentation. 

Jean Walker.jpeg
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Mary Joyce, Presenter | The Un-X Network

Spy in the Sky: Secrets and Cover-Ups on Earth & Beyond

with Mary Joyce


Available On-Demand

$2.99 per person, or Free to X Club Gold Members

See visual evidence of secrets and cover-ups discovered on Mars, on our moon in Antarctica on ocean floors on NASA space missions and around our Sun. Extraordinarily detailed photos of humongous UFOs flying near the Sun are included that have never been seen before.

Mary Joyce has worked for two major metropolitan newspapers - The Orlando Sentinel in Florida as an artist and columnist, and The Oakland Press in Michigan as a Sunday magazine editor and then feature editor. On the side, she’s written magazine articles and books. Since 2008, she has been the main researcher and editor for the Sky Ships Over Cashiers website which features a wide variety of cutting-edge topics – from UFOs to secret underground bases; from Bigfoot to Cherokee Little People. Mary has gone from investigating mob stories in Detroit, to interviewing people with the highest top-secret clearances about clandestine government activities.

Her most recent books are:
“Spy in the Sky: Secrets and Cover-Ups on Earth and Beyond”
“Bigfoot: Beyond the Footprints”
“Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains”
“Cherokee Little People Were Real”


Official Website          Skype: live:brillobulletins

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