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Special Monthly Presentations

The Un-X Network is proud to present special presentations by researchers, investigators, authors, and experiencers. If you miss the live presentation, watch it on demand anytime!
X-Club Gold members may attend at no charge.
Mary Joyce, Presenter | The Un-X Network

Spy in the Sky: Secrets and Cover-Ups on Earth & Beyond

with Mary Joyce


Available On-Demand

$2.99 per person, or Free to X Club Gold Members

See visual evidence of secrets and cover-ups discovered on Mars, on our moon in Antarctica on ocean floors on NASA space missions and around our Sun. Extraordinarily detailed photos of humongous UFOs flying near the Sun are included that have never been seen before.

Mary Joyce has worked for two major metropolitan newspapers - The Orlando
Sentinel in Florida as an artist and columnist, and The Oakland Press in Michigan as a
Sunday magazine editor and then feature editor. On the side, she’s written magazine
articles and books. Since 2008, she has been the main researcher and editor for the Sky
Ships Over Cashiers website which features a wide variety of cutting-edge topics – from
UFOs to secret underground bases; from Bigfoot to Cherokee Little People.
Mary has gone from investigating mob stories in Detroit, to interviewing people with the
highest top-secret clearances about clandestine government activities.


Her most recent books are:
“Spy in the Sky: Secrets and Cover-Ups on Earth and Beyond”
“Bigfoot: Beyond the Footprints”
“Underground Military Bases Hidden in North Carolina Mountains”
“Cherokee Little People Were Real”

“Tangible Evidence of Jesus left behind for us to find”












Because of her website and books, she’s been a frequent guest on radio and/or TV shows
including “Coast to Coast AM” and the Travel Channel. Thanks to Skype and Zoom, she
also has been interviewed on shows in Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.
Her career includes working for a Fortune 100 company coordinating art and printing for
talking children’s books. In that capacity, she worked directly with many creative teams
including those at M
arvel Comics, Golden Books, Mr. Rogers, Berenstain Bears, and
Steven Spielberg’s artists on an “ET” book. Early in her career, she held promotional positions with a metropolitan air pollution control agency, eight political campaigns, a community college on Florida’s Space Coast and the
world’s largest private printing company.

Official Website          Skype: live:brillobulletins

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