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Ken Mark | The Un-X Network

Somewhere in Dreamland

with Ken Mark

Fridays at 1:00AM (EST)

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Take a dive down the rabbit hole with Ken Mark as he speaks with authors, researchers, professionals, and experiencers, in the fields of the paranormal, spirituality, strange, and otherworldly. Welcome to Somewhere In Dreamland where we look to uncover answers to paranormal mysteries and strange occurrences by exploring ideas and beliefs, sharing experiences and journeys, and by speaking with professionals who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth.


Host Bio


Ken Mark became intrigued with paranormal phenomena and high strangeness after encountering a series of unusual events as a child.

Immediately following, he began to consume every article, book, documentary, or program that he could find about subjects and experiences riding on the periphery of perception, that we as humans hold about our weird world. In April 2021, Ken decided that it was time to start a podcast dedicated to exploring topics of the unknown, and ideas on the fringe. The goal of this show was to become a source of information for experiencers, and a cog in the machine that strives to connect the pieces of the paranormal puzzle.

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