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Mystic Lounge with Alan B. Smith | The Un-X Network

Mystic Lounge

with Alan B. Smith

Fridays at 2AM (EST) (Thursday Night / Friday AM)

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Open life's mystery box with Alan B. Smith as he chats with authors and researchers about UFOs, alien life, cryptozoology, metaphysics, spirituality, ghosts, consciousness, sci-fi and more. Welcome to this inquiring and sometimes strange platform where we challenge assumptions about alternative and paranormal phenomenon. Surprising revelations from guests are common, and all sides of a story are welcome at Mystic Lounge. Live in the mystery.

Host Bio

Alan B. Smith is a podcaster and an independent documentary filmmaker. He has co-produced and co-directed the documentary, Born Equal, which confronted the many religious or "spiritual" perspectives on LGBTQ rights and marriage. He has served as co-producer on the documentaries, Sounds Of The Dead: EVP; and Life After. His foray into paranormal media began in 2015 as a guest host on Ken Cherry's Epic Voyages Radio where he also served as Technical Director. As the host of the podcast, Mystic Lounge (formerly Paranormal Now), Alan has been featured in several paranormal related documentaries. Alan also has a background in acting - having studied in continued education classes, including at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

At the age of twelve, Alan had a life-changing experience with a childhood friend when they witnessed a UFO from the backseat of a car as they peered out at the dark, starlit New Jersey sky. This experience solidified his interest in all aspects of paranormal phenomena including ufology, cryptozoology and metaphysics. He has followed the ongoing research ever since. On his Mystic Lounge podcast and upcoming documentary works, Alan focuses on the effect that alleged supernatural events have on people, particularly those who pursue a life-long inquiry as paranormal or ufological researchers.

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