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Most Haunted with Dan Terry | The Un-X Network

Most Haunted

with Dan Terry

Thursdays at 7PM (EST)

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Join Dan Terry as he discusses ghosts, sightings, and of course, the most haunted places!

Dan Terry is a paranormal investigator and author of several books. He is a regular writer for UnX News Magazine, and the latest is The Ghost Girl of Alton. Dan Terry is a native of Franklin County, Missouri. He has been fascinated by the supernatural since watching his first episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker in the mid-1970s. That, combined with an intense interest in history and storytelling, honed by his years as a cave guide at Meramec Caverns, placed him on the road to paranormal investigation and writing.


After graduating from Sullivan High School, he joined the U.S. Coast Guard, serving in Omaha, NE and Wilmington, NC The attitudes of the time forced him to keep his interest quiet. (People who go into empty buildings and talk to the dead do NOT get promoted!) It remained so after he received an honorable discharge from the military and became a police officer. Dan continued to read and seek out the paranormal but was not comfortable writing about his experiences until TV’s Ghost Hunters mainstreamed the topic.


Since then, Dan has written several stories for local newspapers as well as for Haunted Times Magazine. Now a prolific writer, Supernatural Washington is the seventh book he has published. Dan is a staff writer for UNX Magazine. Dan was a participant in the first groups to investigate local places, such as the Tri-County Truck Stop, the John Busch Brewery, Enoch’s Knob Bridge, the Harney Mansion and the Elijah McLean Mansion. Dan has investigated the Fox Theater in St. Louis, serial killer Bertha Gifford’s former home in Jefferson County, the Mineral Springs Hotel and Spa in Alton, Ill., and the old west town of Abilene, KS. Bringing his 34-year career in police work into play, Dan has also investigated the old Franklin County courthouse and jail, the former Gasconade County jail in Her- mann, the Missouri State Penitentiary, the Ohio State Reformatory, and the Hermann Police Dept, among other haunted places.


Dan Terry recently moved from Missouri to the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and ghost-hunting partner, Sherri. He retired as Police Chief of the New Haven Police Department in August 2018 and continues to ghost hunt around the Midwest. His next plans are to hunt Sasquatch in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Dan is also available to be a guest on radio and TV shows.


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