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Cryptid Creatures Podcast with Brian Brock and Todd Stevens | The Un-X Network

Cryptid Creatures Podcast

with Brian Brock & Todd Stevens

Sundays 10PM (EST)

The Un-X Network | Listen Live
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A podcast about cryptid beings such as Bigfoot, Dogman, Jersey Devil, Loch Ness Monster, Aliens, and much more! Have stories to share? Sightings? Visit our website or email us using the links shown above.

Host Bios

Brian Brock, Co-Host/Creator

My interest in Cryptids and the paranormal started at a young age, in the late 70s to early 80s, when I saw the movie Patterson-Gimlin, and then watched that episode of the Six Million Dollar Man when Steve fought Sasquatch–still one of my favorite episodes, to this day. Then came monster movies and the Loch Ness Monster. Everyone put me in the way to prove something else was out there besides us, so when podcasting became a thing, I knew it was the platform I needed to bring cryptid beings to the public conscience. The next step would be a national radio show.

Todd Stevens, Co-Host/Creator

My interest in Cryptids started at a very young age in the 70s, after seeing the famous film Patterson-Gimlin. Along with an interest in monsters in general, Bigfoot piqued my curiosity most, as he was promoted much more in that era. Appearing on the six million bill of dollars as an example. Most of my interest stemmed from the questions of why this creature was kept a secret or it were a hoax. Obviously, people were seeing and reporting a new type of bipedal creature. After years of further investigation, I realized that Bigfoot was not the the only thing people saw. Dogman, Jersey Devil, and lizard creatures were being spotted, and I had to know what these things were! So here we are, interviewing guests, having meetings, documenting and learning the most possible to help solve this mystery of these creatures and their existence.

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