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Quantum Ladder Podcast (archives only)

Quantum Ladder Podcast

with Louis Borges & Marquise Williams

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Not currently airing live on Un-X Network, but archived shows are available.

Quantum Ladder Podcast is your source for thought provoking discussions on the topics of amazing science, cool future technology, groundbreaking medical discoveries, the wonders of space and so much more. Join us every week to explore and marvel at the amazing world we live in, as we try to understand the nature of reality and our place within it. We might even get into the world of "the unknown" once in a while, so join us for insightful commentary, real world breakdowns, thought provoking guest interviews and a few laughs along the way.

Host Bios

​Louis Borges is a science researcher, speaker and enthusiast. He brings a facts-based approach to his research and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field of science, astronomy and medicine. Louis is the former producer and co-host of UAP STUDIES Podcast which received over 1.5 Million views in less than 2 years. On this series, Louis is joined by co-host Marquise Williams to discuss amazing topics in science, technology, astronomy and physics. Louis is also a 3rd Degree FreeMason, a 32nd Degree "Scottish Rite" Mason , and members of the "York Rite", the "Cryptic Rite" and the Knight's Templar of Canada.

Marquise Williams is a visionary researcher, voice actor, eloquent speaker, and compelling writer with a deep passion for the future and the philosophical underpinnings that shape it. While not a scientist or philosopher by title, Marquise delves into the realms of futuristic science and technology, drawing inspiration from the Kardashev scale and the insights of pioneering visionaries. His voice has the power to transport listeners to imagined worlds, his writings provoke thought, and his speeches resonate with those curious about humanity’s potential. Guided by philosophical principles, Marquise contemplates the trajectory of humanity, always seeking to understand what lies beyond the horizon. Join him on a journey to explore the possibilities of tomorrow, both through research and the art of storytelling.

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