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Nick Pease

Radio Show Guest  |  Psychic Phenomena

Nick Pease, spiritual medium and author of ‘Revelation’, was born in Windsor, England. As a child, Nick could hear, and later see, spirit beings. So began his ongoing lifelong quest to discover more about the true nature of existence and the reality of life after death. He gained a degree in philosophy in order to skeptically and forensically analyse the limits of human knowledge. He then developed as a spiritual medium at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in London, and continues to take an active interest in the dilemmas that increasingly arise between religious and scientific knowledge.


In 2022, Nick’s fast-paced, thrilling novel, ‘Revelation’, about life after death, was published. In his novel, Nick draws on his lifetime experiences and spiritual perspective on life, and asks the fascinating question, What would happen if someone really could 100% prove life after death as a scientific fact?


Nick is an engaging guest for all media formats and brings a lifetime’s experience of fascinating spiritual and paranormal matters to any discussion.


‘Revelation’ synopsis: Life after death fascinates us all. So what would happen if someone could 100% prove it to be a scientific fact? Set mainly in Washington D.C., Jack and Marty are two brilliant young scientist friends who are working on a top secret device for the CIA. Code-named Revelation, the program fails. But later, working alone, Jack and Marty accidentally make the device work in a completely unexpected way, proving that life after death is an absolute fact. But many in power see Revelation as a direct threat to their political and religious agendas and will do anything to destroy it – and its inventors! What follows is a fast-paced, thrilling rollercoaster of events as the plot grippingly unfolds towards its exciting, beautifully life-affirming conclusion.

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