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Weekly Roundup: UFOs, Chupacabra, Spaceship Coin

11/3/23 by Violet Wisdom


This week’s top story is the new AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) recent online reporting form. In addition to the many new programs related to UFO/UAP investigations and efforts of government transparency, the latest program is specifically for government employees and current and former members of the military. What makes this different from previous reporting programs is that while it includes a call for UFO/UAP sightings it also wants to know about any programs that may have existed since 1945 to the present. Basically, what The Pentagon wants to know could lead to a few major reveals on the side of what has been previously considered conspiracy. This includes any possible alien crafts or bodies held and studied by any department secret or known.

Artist's Rendition of a Chupacabra by Jeff Carter / HowStuffWorks, CC BY 2.5 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


Odd looking dog-like creatures are showing up on video in Texas leaving some to believe they are Chupacabras. Although one strange looking dog was found to be half wolf and half coyote, it did have identifiers making it much different than the ones on video. At the least, the Coyowolf has been proven factually in existence.

Did you know?

The word “chupacabra” (goat sucker) was first used by a comedian by the name of Silverio Perez in a 1995 comedy sketch.


Move over Liberty dime, Canada has spaceships! To commemorate a 1970 famous UFO sighting at a Cowichan hospital (British Columbia), the

Fully embracing the increase in UFOs, Canada has been making several coins within the theme including one depicting The Clarenville Event (Newfoundland/Labrador) of 1978 and the Yukon UFO “mothership” event of 1996. The coins and stories of each coin/event can be found here. and the coin will cost $20.

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