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Weekly Roundup April 21, 2023- UnX in the News, the Swift Ship and Aliens vs No Aliens

Updated: May 15, 2023

#3 MARGIE KAY MAKES HEADLINES AGAIN!- A shout out to our own Margie Kay making headlines all across Missouri this week. Currently at the Close Encounters of the Piedmont Kind festival, this 50 year anniversary is running through tomorrow and jam packed with commemorative events. The Piedmont flap occurred in 1973 with sightings reported by over 500 people. Margie Kay and Debbie Ziegelmeyer recently published a new book on the subject, 50th Anniversary of the SE Missouri Ozarks UFO Flap:Piedmont, Clearwater Lake, Farmington, Wayne County . The festival includes a sky watch, parade, speakers and a drive-in movie.

#2 OUT OF THIS WORLD CONCERT- The most talked about concert in a decade was apparently out of this world for both attendees and nearby residents of Tampa, Florida last weekend. The Swift Ship landed on stage with such a massive light show, neighbors of Raymond James Stadium were convinced that an alien invasion had commenced. Many took photos and videos to document what they saw as a high number of UFOs in the night sky. With this one being easily explained Swift fans left punny comments on the Tik Tok videos of the supposed invasion; “Bestie that’s just the Swifties at Church with mother Taylor.” Note of disclaimer; my own daughter flew all the way to Florida for a reunion concert with her best friend at their first Swift concert together fifteen years ago. So, I guess, Miss Swift must be universally gravitational.

#1 -PENTAGON UFO INVESTIGATION MISREPRESENTED- If you only scan the headlines on this one you are likely quite confused. There are two primary forms of clickbait in this story, 1. PENTAGON SAYS NO ALIENS or 2. PENTAGON INVESTIGATIONS STILL LOOKING FOR ALIENS. Neither headline is completely accurate. AARO (the All domain Anomaly Resolution Office) has increased the number of verified cases

being investigated from 350 to 650 including international sightings. It is true that the Pentagon, when asked about any evidence of extraterrestrial life being the source of the UAP’s that have been investigated the answer is that there isn’t any. On the same hand AARO is not ruling that possibility out. Bottom line on this, the Pentagon, at least publicly, is focused on the possibility that these UAP’s are the work of non-American military intelligence treating the situation as one of worldly security.

Violet Wisdom

UnX Network

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