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UnX News Weekly Roundup March 26, 2023

Weird stuff around the world

By Violet Wisdom

#3 CAT-FOX Oh yeah, it’s a thing. Also, French shepherd mythology is a thing. Now that that is all established, the mythological creature known as Ghjattu Volpe, is….. A cat-fox. It is believed that Ghjattu Volpe, aka Corsican wildcat, aka cat-fox originated in Africa and was somehow brought to Corsica over 2,000 years ago. This legendary feline looks like a housecat although it is on average two feet long and has large ears. After scientists were able to capture several cat-fox’s it was determined that it is a new species, and its DNA is unmistakably different from that of European and Sardinian wildcats and domesticated cats. Scientists also believe that cat-fox was able to remain hidden for all these years by being nocturnal and living in mountains.

#2 WORTH DEFINING- UAPs and UFOs are technically different… officially. To be blunt, the O in UFO refers to object, therefore any explanation regarding a UFO has to be an OBJECT. If a group of people saw a UFO at a park any official explanation other than, “We have no idea what that was” has to refer to an object such as a weather balloon or a drone. The P in UAP however, is phenomenon which allows for anything you can’t identify that you see in the sky (atmosphere) is a phenomenon. Now, the explanation for the group of park goers can be a weather balloon, a drone, natural ice crystals, sunspots, or satellites. Speaking of satellites, read on….

#1 ELON MUSK + THE PANDEMIC = UFO SIGHTING REPORTS- You just never know what someone might do a study on. Here’s the question, “Did being home during the pandemic create an increase in UFO sightings?” The answer was yes/nb. There was an increase of reports during 2020 but no provable links to being home more because of the pandemic as the reason why. So, why stop there? Studies are fun! Next question, “Did Starlink satellites increase UFO reports?” The answer, “It’s complicated.” There were more reports during Starlink launches, but when combined with other data, the satellites didn’t create a more likelihood to report UFOs in general.

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