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Nuclear UFO Bait

by Violet Wisdom

If you want to see Monarch butterflies in your yard, you plant milkweed. If you want to see woodpeckers, you hang suet. If you want to see UFOs…

The connection between UFO sightings and nuclear and or radioactive sites has been well-documented over the years. Not only are these areas common hotspots for sightings, there are also many documented occurrences of malfunction during or immediately after seeing a craft.

Just a little over a year ago the Pentagon began investigating these types of sightings such as the 1967 Malmstrom Air Force Base event in which warheads became disabled after a UFO flew above them. There have been many similar incidents which specifically caused the inability to use nuclear weapons. Details of these world-wide events have only begun to become public knowledge through the process of declassification of government and military records. 

It is no wonder Alabany Professor of Physics, Kevin Knuth has discovered a possible way to bring aliens into our figurative backyard. Knuth has written extensively about Ufology, including several articles regarding the nuclear connection to sightings. By using handheld nuclear reactors, the professor believes the aliens will respond. 

We’ll keep you posted.

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