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By Violet Wisdom


After eighty years of modern-day UFO/UAP sightings, the Pentagon is stating it is done investigating.

as nothing extraterrestrial exists here on earth. In the Report on the Historical Record of U.S. Government Involvement with Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), which reads like a 6th-grade term paper, ALL the investigated sightings are being reported to be incorrectly identified as a UFO either because they were known objects such as airplanes and weather balloons or they were a visual oddity like a water vapor reflection. While these explanations are far from new, they are (at least for now) the end of the Pentagon’s interest in the subject.

More specifically, this week’s reports state AARO does not have and never has had possession of alien technology such as a craft nor possession of an alien body. It goes on to state that no technology exists based on alien technology and that neither government, private entities nor universities have ever had alien technology. 

Volume I of the report released on march 6, 2024 begins by stating that AARO takes all sightings seriously and that it respects people’s attachment to the idea of ETs being the source of sightings. It goes on to explain that essentially, this is not the fault of the people who believe this but instead the fault of media, books and movies for putting the ideas in their heads.

The following pages list several specific events that were investigated and deemed matters of miscommunication or misunderstandings, although few explanations are given to explain what the people who reported the events actually saw or heard. In regard to the use of elements not found on Earth, the response is a simple denial.

Even well-known events such as the 1947 Mount Rainier, Washington event are listed in some detail followed by a result that no evidence of an ET craft was found. Again, no explanation. I highly recommend that you read this report

It will certainly be interesting to see Congressional response on this. We’ll keep you posted! 

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