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Japanese UFO Department to work with AARO

by Violet Wisdom

In an attempt to gain more information regarding UAP and UFO sightings in Japan, a couple of legislators are working to create a government department similar to the United States AARO program. Last year, the Pentagon listed Japan as a UFO hotspot based on sighting data from 1996-2023. Although an exact number of sightings for the country is unknown, according to Vice, most occurred near Fukushima which experienced one of the worst nuclear disasters in 2011 after an unprecedented 9.0 earthquake. The article goes on to state that nuclear sites are hotspots for sightings. Many of the UFOs/UAPs were seen immediately after the Fukushima power plant accident.

The most famous sighting in Japan occurred in the city of Kofu, Japan. Two children reported seeing a flying saucer and a four-foot alien on February 23,1975. This day has become the official Kofu UFO day. 

Japanese legislators hope to work with AARO by sharing any information collected by the new department for the purpose of national security. 

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