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More Tic-Tac UFOs, Underwater Road Discovered, Mother's Day

Updated: May 15, 2023

Weekly Roundup May 12, 2023

By Violet Wisdom


#3 TIC-TAC UFO IN HUNGARY- A new video of a UFO in Hungary is getting a lot of attention. The object appears to move too fast to be an airplane. So far the only possibility for the sighting is that it could have been a bird that looked to be the shape of a cylinder because of blur. After viewing the video myself, I must say I have never seen a bird fly like that. Maybe a new species, or it's definitely a UFO.

#2 ANCIENT UNDERWATER ROAD- An ancient road has been discovered by archaeologists in the Adriatic Sea that is around 7,000 years old. The road is connected to the island of Korcula near Croatia and was inhabited by the Hvar people of Soline during the neolithic era. While researching the site artifacts were found that show the people both hunted and grew their own food.

#1 CELEBRATING YOUR UNCONVENTIONAL MOM- Just in time for Mother’s Day, Yahoo News came up with 25 gift ideas for weird moms, but utterly failed outside of the Sasquatch carrying gnomes statue. Going with a hard NO on eyelashes for my car and the disco ball purse. I’ll go with a maybe on the chainsaw. Get mom an Club Gold membership! She’ll get a hard copy of the quarterly UnX magazine, free admission to special presentations and a discount to the UnX 2023 Conference!

So, okay ladies, outside of the UnX membership of course, what would YOU love to have this Mother’s Day? In case my kids read this, I’m still waiting on my Primus, Sailing the Seas of Cheese album on Vinyl.

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