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Aliens at a Miami Mall?

By Margie Kay

Social media is on fire with reports of giant 8 to 10 feet tall aliens chasing and attacking people at the Bayside Mall in Miami, Florida. The incident occurred on January 1, 2024.

Still captured from video. Source: Unknown

A man posted a video right after he left the mall. He described very tall shadowy creatures that moved very quickly and appeared and disappeared, leaving some to speculate whether the creatures were phasing in and out of dimensions.

Still from video. Source: unknown

Video footage of over 100 police cars on the street in front of the mall and claims of black helicopters on site and people shooting at the alien creatures sparked an internet frenzy. While the local news programs assured citizens that the airports were not closed down, there were no Blackhawk helicopters, and 60,000 people did not lose power as was reported. And certainly, no aliens. The videos circling the internet may tell a different story, however.

One video shows panicked people running from the mall and screaming. Here is a video taken from internets posts that shows something very large walking outside the mall:

A man named Fitz posted a TikTok video in which he said he was at the mall at the time this occurred, and he and his family saw the creatures which appeared to be 9 to 10 feet tall, black with eyes and lips, and "glitching," which Fitz thought appeared to be uncloaking. Watch the video: ​​

Perhaps there is a more mundane explanation: Has Project Blue Beam been activated? Or was this done as a distraction at the same time the Epstein documents were being released?

Un-X News would like to hear from anyone who was a witness to this event. Send an email to

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