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Weirdness This Week

Weekly Roundup January 12, 2023

By Violet Wisdom


NEW VIDEO RELEASED The headline making UFO/UAP seen over a United States military base in Iraq in 2018 is an absolute mystery. The video shows a jellyfish-like object both in shape and transparency floating over the base. The original poster of the video states it moved slowly, zipped and went into water. 


MORE BUT NOT ENOUGH This morning’s House Oversight Committee meeting left members of congress once again leaving with more questions than answers. While most stated there was no valuable information shared, some disclosed that some new information was released. All have committed to continue to demand full disclosure.      


Neutron Star: Hubble

RADIO BURST FROM ANCIENT GALAXIES ENERGY BURST SOURCED In a group of galaxies, far, far, away… an unusually high amount of detectable energy is bursting with such intensity that if it were closer it would render every credit card on earth unusable. The galaxies found to be the source of these bursts by the Hubble telescope are believed to have been around nine billion years ago. Our universe has existed for nearly 14 billion years. Scientists have offered a theory that the bursts are the result of either a neutron star or black hole. 

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