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Missing Bigfoot, Academics Believe, and Triangle UFO over CA Base

By Violet Wisdom

#3 MISSING SASQUATCH IN VIRGINIA- A family’s cherished Bigfoot statue in Catlett, Virginia has been crypto-napped. The four-hundred-pound giant lawn ornament was the joy of the neighborhood, even participating in holidays with seasonal costumes. The owners are hoping someone will see him and get him back home. He shouldn’t be too hard to miss, he lost a foot while being taken, so he will likely have a limp.

#2 ACADEMICS STAND BY SIGHTINGS- The Humanities and Social Science Communications Journal recently published the results of their study into academic UFO sightings. One in five responded that they themselves or someone close to them had personally seen a UFO. Most work in science fields with four percent stating they have researched UFOs/UAPs personally and thirty seven percent stating they feel that the subject should be studied on a scholarly basis.

#1 TRIANGLE UFO OVER CA BASE- A ten minute long sighting of a triangular UFO was seen by dozens of marines in Twentynine Palms, California in 2021. Video of the sighting was released this week showing the bright lights over Camp Wilson spurring investigations into the event.

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