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Watch the Skies for Meteors Now!

Don't mistake them for UFOs/UAPs - they are the Taurid meteors and there are swarms of them. Frank K. saw one a couple of nights ago in Independence, Missouri. He happened to look up and see a stunningly bright fireball crossing the sky.

A full moon occurs on November 8. So only a few hours of dark skies are available on the 5th, which is the peak day for the South Taurids. The moon will wash out most meteors on the days after, but the Taurid meteors are very bright and can shine through the moonlight. The North Taurids run until December 10, peaking around November 13.

Taurid meteor in 2015 in the light of a bright moon. 2015 was the last good fireball year for the Taurid meteors. See that little V-shaped pattern to the right and above the moon? That’s the Hyades star cluster, which forms the face of the constellation Taurus the Bull. Meteor showers take their names from the point in the sky from which they appear to radiate. Photo via Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona.

The best observation time is before the full moon arrives on November 8. But check the sky November 8 when the total lunar eclipse occurs, and you might get lucky and spot some Taurid fireballs then.


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