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Premier Show Tonight on the X - See You in the Dark!

UN-X PREMIERE - SEE YOU IN THE DARK - What Evil Lurks in the Dark?

This is a question we have all asked ourselves many times. Well, together we can start uncovering the truth and mystery behind the darker side of the otherworldly.  

Who is the Host of See you in the Dark?

Tune in for premiere of See you the dark and get to know more about Michelle Reuss! Listen on the Live Un-X Stream or on your favorite app!

Michelle Reuss is a psychic and trance medium, ordained minister, demonologist/exorcist, psychic advisor, trained in parapsychology and psychometry. She is the founder of Riverside Iowa Paranormal and Daughters of Hecate, and is owner of Thriller Events.

Michelle has spent multiple years in the paranormal field as a paranormal investigator and researcher. She has continued her studies and is certified in metaphysics and divinity and holds a degree in spiritual warfare and paranormal ministry. While studying at the Universal Life Church Seminary, Michelle studied counseling and para-counseling, atheism and agnostics, and religion (ancient African practices to modern take on religion). Michelle has also studied the effects of satanic abuse deriving from cult activity.

As the founder and active member of Riverside Iowa Paranormal, Michelle uses her abilities to assist on paranormal cases, both locally and across the globe. She has been called in to assist on dark cases where the worst types of energy/spirits have been present. Michelle is an avid believer in practicing safe paranormal techniques and grounding. She shares her knowledge and experiences with fellow paranormal researchers across the world. She also helps children with psychic abilities through teaching and counseling. Michelle also mentors fellow mediums as they start and continue on their journeys, not only with how to work with their abilities, but the importance of how to protect themselves from psychic attacks. Another service Michelle offers is the removal and storage of haunted items in a secured and blessed location. Michelle is also the owner of Thriller Events, a ticketing platform for paranormal, metaphysical, and other worldly events.

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