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Mothman Tries to Enter Hotel Room!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Kimberly Touchton Winslow and her husband were staying at the Edgewater Casino Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada when a large, winged humanoid attempted to come into the room through the window. As they stared in fear, the creature got caught up in the drapes.

Kimberly said this event occurred in 2011 or 2012. She said, "The window in our room did open. It slid sideways. It looked like they had tried to screw it down, but there was nothing locking ours. I opened it when we first got there after checking in at about 3:00 pm and I swear it wasn’t 15 minutes, there was security knocking at our door. That freaked me out a little, I opened the door wide and said 'yes?' He said, I am sorry, but I am going to have to get you to close that window. I hate the smell of smoke, that’s the whole reason for opening it. The casinos always used to smell like old smoke. I did close the window at that time. We went downstairs to eat and gamble. When we came back up, I thought maybe the security guy had gone home or no one could see that it was open. There were no sensors or anything (very old school). Kind of like a sliding glass door, but it was a large window."

According to Kimberly, "I know everyone (I mean EVERYONE) thinks I’m crazy, but my husband and I saw one. I know this sounds as fantastical as you could dream up, but we were at the casino hotel in Laughlin, NV on the 17th floor, and our HUGE sliding window opened (which surprised me, because I was thinking of the safety of something falling out, like a person). I never thought about something the size of a large human, trying to get in! I know what I saw, it was an extremely tall humanoid thing, with red lightbulb glowing eyes and wings that were caught up in the heavy drapes. It panicked for a moment because it could at one point could not get in or out.

My husband yelled hey! In a way that I had never heard him be so stern and guttural with his voice, but just in an instant it disappeared and all at the same time he yelled, the ‘thing’ disappeared, and the heavy drape dropped straight down. Everything went from complete confusion and thinking that we are about to be eaten, with drapes and wings flapping and trapped and this thing frantically trying to escape, to complete and utter silence. We grabbed some shorts and slippers and literally ran down the stairwell to the Denny’s (about 3:00 am) inside the casino, ate some pancakes, and talked about what happened until daylight.

We went back up to the room, and I shut and locked the window. We tried to get a little sleep before checking out. I know what I saw. I understand people who have not seen something unexplainable cannot begin to comprehend, but we did see something very strange."

From the witness' description, it seems that the only explanation for what they saw was a Mothman.


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