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How Might the Nova Explosion Affect You?

The nova is expected to occur sometime between now and September. Once it begins we should be able to see it without a telescope for around a week. Although not a supernova, the Blaze Star could create an explosion 100,000 times brighter than the sun. This spectacle was first documented in 1217 and has been watched since. The white dwarf and red giant star of T Coronae Borealis come into contact every 228 and build up energy between each other creating this rare phenomena. Although past explosions have been seen by astronomers, this summer’s nova will be significantly brighter than usual. Considered a once in a lifetime event, Blaze Star hasn’t had a nova since 1946.

Both novas and supernovas can emit radiation, although supernovas emit much more than novas. While there is no concern regarding the Blaze Star in this regard, there are many thoughts on how we as humans experience these occurrences on a metaphysical level. Many astrologers believe both forms of novas are moments of personal awakenings and new beginnings. A few days ago I made my morning journal entry on the last page of a journal I started in 2021. I went to my nightstand to get a new one and realized it was more than a new collection of bound paper, it was a new beginning. As I wrote the first entry in it the next day I knew it was the start of a new life chapter. It was also ironically (or not) the summer solstice and emergence of the Full Strawberry Moon. The solstice/moon coinciding creates a period of energetic growth, an invitation if you will to put aside your fears and go for that dream or goal that has been calling you. Historically speaking, this year has been packed with celestial events that carry a common thread, we’re entering into a new era of our existence here on our little dot in the universe. 

The Blaze Star should be visible between Vega and Arcturus next to the Hercules constellation. Happy star (or in this case, dead star) gazing and cheers to beautiful new beginnings!

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