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Flat Earthers Get Their Chance to Prove Theory on New Show

By Margie Kay

Conspiracy theorists, get ready for a treat!

A new reality show called "Flat Earthers" will reward participants with cash if they can persuade a panel of real experts that the Earth is flat. Good luck with that.

IndieWire can exclusively disclose that the newly launched streaming service, The Network, is actively producing "Flat Earthers" and plans to release all 10 episodes this December.

There might not be a "winner" of the series — we wouldn't bet on it! — but the goal is to highlight the growing number of Americans who believe the Earth is flat. The series aims to show how such theories gain followers in the U.S. and around the world. Mandela Effect enthusiasts, you might want to skip this one.

"As we continue to offer audiences free, premium content, we are thrilled to announce this bold and genre-defying docu-series," Aram Rappaport, creator of The Network, said in a statement. "The Flat Earth phenomenon is growing globally. 'Flat Earthers' will provide an intriguing look into the human psyche and what drives belief systems worldwide."

If you haven't heard of The Network yet, it's a new streaming service that launched on April 30 this year. The Network is a free, ad-supported streaming platform with a unique approach. Instead of focusing on volume to build a library, The Network will release just two new shows at a time. Episodes of each series are released weekly — dramas on Tuesdays and comedies on Thursdays — and the streamer focuses only on original and what it considers "premium" shows. Their theory (not the flat-Earth one) is that a household may not need more than two pieces of content to love at any given time.

Currently, The Network has just two shows, "The Green Veil" starring and executive produced by John Leguizamo, and "Chivalry," created by, written by, and starring Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani. Both series have their first seasons available, and the streamer has already picked up "The Green Veil" for a second season. John Leguizamo is even a dark horse in the Emmys race, with IndieWire listing him among their "In a Perfect World" wishlist of nominees.

The Network was created by filmmaker Aram Rappaport, who also founded the creative advertising agency The Boathouse. The streamer is available on Apple, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices, as well as on the web.

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