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Book Explains the Fast Movers

Margie Kay, Bill Spicer and Wayne Lawrence teamed up to write a book about the fast movers, which are extremely high-speed craft that are normally too fast to see with the naked eye. The authors explain how they discovered the phenomenon and explain how to see the craft.

Each of the three authors discovered these objects in different ways.

Wayne Lawrence is an investigator for MUFON. He noticed objects moving in and out of Blue Springs Lake in Blue Springs, Missouri several years ago. He set up a video camera at his house and took many hours of video, then reviewed it in slow motion to reveal craft moving at extremely high rates of speed. Using trigonometry, Wayne was able to determine that these objects could move at speeds up to 8,000 mph or higher.

Bill Spicer, and aircraft interior design engineer living in Wichita, Kansas, learned about the fast movers after a visit from an inter-dimensional being who told him how to use a polarized filter over a camera lens, and how to communicate with the occupants of the crafts to request that they come closer so he could get them on film. Bill's experiences continue to increase in number and proximity.

Margie Kay, an investigator and remote viewer, first noticed fast moving objects years ago, but in 2012, after speaking with Bill, she realized that these objects were actually craft. She then used remote viewing to slow time down so she could get a better look at the vehicles. She now trains others how to activate the psychic center of the brain in order to view the craft and communicate with their occupants.

A Facebook group has been set up to discuss the phenomena:

The book is available at

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