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Asteroids, Brain Chips, and Mysterious Moon Lights!

Weekly News Roundup

by Violet Wisdom


- Considered a near-earth object, 2008 OS7is passing by earth today. As big as the Empire State Building, it will be a mere 1.77 million miles away which is actually quite close. Any Near-Earth Object that gets as close or closer to 30 million miles of our planet are considered potentially hazardous asteroids. 2008 OS7 is only one of five asteroids that will get close to earth between today and tomorrow. 


NEURALINK AND SYNCHRON- As often as Elon Musk makes headlines, it is no surprise that he did so again this week. In a departure from his normal attention getting electric cars / X (twitter) news a different type of technology stole the show. This chip, or brain implant isn’t exactly new, and Musk’s company Neuralink isn’t alone in the quest to link your smartphone to your brain. Neuralink tested the chip to test the new tech they call Telepathy this week. Both companies state benefits for those unable to physically communicate are the only reason for the development of the product. No statements have been made on how a users privacy, specifically their own thoughts, would be protected from unauthorized access.

MYSTERIOUS MOON LIGHTS SPACE.COM~   Astronauts preparing for an Artemis 3 trip to the moon have a unique job ahead of them; to solve a 53 year old mystery. During the Apollo 17 trip in 1972, astronauts were hit with odd light flashes that could not be explained. While scientists have a few theories, new photos and video are needed to research any further. Currently, Artemis 2 plans to launch September 2025 followed by Artemis 3 will launch September 2026 and is slated to land on the moon. 

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