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Les Valez

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Radio show guest

Topic: Alien Abductions


I will discuss the physical, psychological effects of contact with non-human intelligences. This will also cover the MUFON, OPUS, implants, hybrids, the physics behind some of the effects, blood types, types of Aliens, the Omega 3 study pre-history evidence, stories of experiencers, and the government UAP report.

Les Velez is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, as well as US Army veteran, and former VP of Luscombe Engineering.  


In 1991, Les joined MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and has held the following positions:  Field investigator, Training Coordinator for field investigators, the Assistant State Director in Northern California, Chairman of the A.E.R.C. (Abduction Experiencer Research Committee), and team leader of the A.R.T. (Abduction Response Team) predecessor to MUFON’s ERT (Experiencer Resource Team) and presently holds the position of research consultant for the ERT. 


In 1994, Velez co-founded OPUS, the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support, (

Less recently released the book "The Unknown Other and the Existential Proposition of Alien Contact" and is available for interviews on the subject.

Facebook:  Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support page and group
YouTube  OPUS Network