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UAP Studies Podcast with Jason Guillemette & Louis Borges | The Un-X Network

UAP Studies Podcast

with Jason Guillemette & Louis Borges

Sundays at 11PM (EST)

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Interviewing the best and most knowledgeable people on the topic of UAP phenomena, military disclosures, and the history of UFOs and encounters with their occupants. We research our guests extensively in an effort to bring you the best and most legitimate, thought-provoking programming on this subject.

Host Bios

Jason Guillemette is a researcher and investigator in the province of British Columbia, Canada. He is the co-host of UAP STUDIES Podcast and the Western Canada Chief Investigator with MUFON. Jason began investigating with MUFON Canada in 2019. His interest with UAPs started when he and his brother experienced a close encounter in 1994, when Jason was thirteen years old. He currently resides in British Columbia with his wife and two children.

​Louis Borges is a UFO researcher, speaker and enthusiast. He brings a science mind to his research and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the field. Louis joined UAP STUDIES Podcast in January 2022 as a co-host and marketing director for the program. UAP STUDIES Podcast is now listened-to in seventy-two countries across the world, with many thousands of listens and downloads annually. Louis is also a 3rd Degree Master Mason, a 32nd Degree "Scottish Rite" FreeMason , and is a member of the "York Rite", the "Cryptic Rite" and the Knights Templar of Canada.

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