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X-Con is Almost Here!

The Un-X Network and OZ UFO are presenting X-Con: Into the Rabbit Hole October 30 - November 1, 2023 at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center in Springfield, Missouri.

11 speakers will discuss Paranormal subjects such as hauntings, the Divine Feminine, alien encounters, demonology, winged cryptids, sasquatch, astrology, and more. Speakers include Ron Meyer, Alan Megargle, Hayley Ramsey, Margie Kay, Michelle and Brittney Reuss, Forest Crawford, Dan Terry, Harriet McFeely (the Bigfoot Lady), Tyler Kiwala, Maureen Richmond, and Sev Tok. The keynote speaker is Scott Wolter, host of America Unearthed. Scott's topic is Knights Templar and the Alien Connection.

Two film premiers will be shown including A Haunting in Blue Hill by Alan Megargle and Cahokia Mounds: The Untold Story by Tyler Kiwala.

The event includes a raffle, door prize drawing, and the Mad Hatter Halloween Party and Banquet. Enter the costume contest! Prizes for best alien, best paranormal, and best Mad Hatter Theme costumes.

The management decided to extend the special 50% off to anyone who registers by October 27 for the full three-day package. To register, go to Use the promo code UNXSUB for the discount when checking out.

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