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UFOs, Energy Particle, and a Hodag

Weekly Roundup By Violet Wisdom


Legislators in Washington D.C.’s ongoing attempt to access military and previously classified information regarding UFOs/UAPs are getting a bit on the frustrated side. Stating a lack of cooperation, House members serving on the investigation have no intention of backing away from their inquiries noting they have already uncovered valuable information. Additionally, today, December 1, 2023 brings a new director to AARO, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office within the Pentagon. Tim Phillips will be the new Deputy Director of AARO focusing on staff and federal employees with past sightings and or past UAP program information.


Somewhere in the void near the Milky Way galaxy, an energy particle named Amaterasu with over 240 exa electron volts (over twice level as has been seen in the past) made it all the way into our atmosphere. Discovered in Utah via the Telescope Array observatory has left scientists baffled. Having no known point of origin for these particles and no normal burst of energy to explain how they came about, the particles remain unXplained.

Telescope Array surface detectors in Utah. Pic: AP


Instead of getting that kid in your life a block set to make the Eiffel Tower or a Viking Village (both large and small kids are applicable to this little story), get them a Hodag set! What’s a Hodag? Sorry, I’ll back up. Way back in 1893 a group of guys in Rhinelander, Wisconsin found an odd critter and called it a Hodag. Imagine combining a dinosaur, an elephant and a frog, with claws of course. Though some were skeptical even back in 1893, many believed the creature to be real, giving it a legendary status as a creature that came to being from animals tortured by their owners. A subsequent claim to have found a Hodag in the area actually did turn out to be a hoax. Nevertheless, the cryptid is a claim to fame to this very day in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Hodag is everywhere in statues, stores and lodging. Now, you can even make your own Hodag. The company, Northwoods Bricks also makes sets to make a Mothman.

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