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Three New Spooky Legitimate 2022 Documentaries to Check Out

Bigfoot, ghosts and UFO’s!

Ghost and the Afterlife: A Scientific Investigation

This documentary was created by none other than James Van Praagh, executive producer of “Ghost Whisperer” and is hosted by Kelsy Bohlem. Research was conducted for twelve years to make the film which focuses on the afterlife with scientific and historical documentation. The movie has already been nominated for filmfest awards. Previews are available on the official website through vimeo. Watch for streaming availability.


A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed

Press release:

Focused primarily on experiences in the Pacific Northwest region of Oregon and Washington, the documentary also explores sightings in California, Oklahoma, Florida, and Alaska. In addition, the filmmakers cover historical accounts of Bigfoot, the significance within the indigenous cultures, physical evidence, audio and visual recordings, including shocking never before seen photographs taken from a plane over western Alaska.

A Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed also delves into the psychological impact of a Bigfoot encounter. Nationally recognized clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Adamse helps the audience to understand the nature of the brain in dealing with this sort of traumatic experience.

Featured personalities within the Bigfoot community include Ron Morehead, Peter Byrne, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Mel Skahan, and Todd Neiss. Featured newcomers in the cryptid world include Sonya Zohar and Tobe Johnson.

You can view the trailer on the official website.


Moment of Contact: The Roswell of Brazil

The most recent documentary in a series of internationally acclaimed research films from director James Fox.

Official movie description: “Moment of Contact, director James Fox’s follow-up to the 2020 hit, The Phenomenon, is an exploration of extraterrestrial encounters centered on a series of events in 1996 when citizens of Varginha, Brazil, reported seeing a UFO crash and one or more strange creatures. Several locals, including a group of girls ranging in age from 14-21, had a close encounter with a being described as about four feet tall, with brown oily skin, a large head. and huge red eyes. The town of Varginha was cordoned off by military and emergency response teams and two creatures were captured. Local military policeman Marco Cherese died under mysterious circumstances after allegedly handling one of the creatures. Fox’s documentary features interviews with key eyewitnesses, experts, and officials, including nuclear physicist and professional ufologist Stanton Friedman, Brazilian Air Force General Jose Carlos Pereira, and Brazilian ufologist Ademar Jose Gevaerd.” ~i09

Moment of Contact will be officially released Monday October 17, 2022. In the meantime, you’ll want to take advantage of a limited-time free screening of his 2020 film, The Phenomenon, now playing on YouTube.


Got a MUST-SEE doc we missed? Let us know either here in comments or on social media.

Violet Wisdom

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