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Read the Winter issue of Un-X Mag Now!

Updated: Feb 12

In case you missed it, or you are a new subscriber, here is the link to the digital version of the winter issue of Un-X Magazine, with a fascinating feature article by Lee Speigel "Is Earth Being Visited by Extraterestrials? A Retired CIA Intelligence Specialist Revales UFOs Behind the Scenes."

Plus: Visioning Your Best Year Ever by Lorraine Simone; How Does a UFO Survive its Own Violent Movements? by William Jud; The Haunted Ginger Rogers House by Margie Kay; UFO Swarm over Madison County by William Jud: A Paranormal Valentine's Day; Un-X Network programming; Word search; Bill Spicer Continues to Capture Fast Movers, and more!

Link to free digital copy:

Link to purchase hard copy: Un-X News Magazine | Un-X Magazine #19 Winter, 2023 | MagCloud

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