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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

By Violet Wisdom

Have you ever been shocked by a big news story because you felt you knew it already happened? Had a memory of hearing that news and the causation of it? Ever had a vision or audio vision of something simple like a short part of a conversation or event, even one unremarkable, only to experience it in reality a short time later? If you have you are far from alone, especially of late.

Something is obviously up when you hear a famous person has passed away that you know already passed away years before. It could be the Mandela Effect, named after Nelson Mandela’s passing shocked thousands of people who believed he had passed away over thirty years before. While most psychologists would say an incorrect belief stems from the mind making sense out of something incomplete such as possibly seeing a news commentary in the 1980s that there was concern for Mandela’s life while in prison and then not hearing anything about him for several years, the subconscious mind creates a memory that he indeed died in prison in the 1980s.

Or, even less subtle, seeing one of the hundreds of spam posts depicting death announcements of famous actors. If one of those actors were to truly pass on, it is possible for the brain to retrieve a memory of the spam post and believe it had already happened. There are a few problems with these theories; 1. Most people, nearly ALL people know the spam posts are spam. 2. The Mandela Effect didn’t affect a handful, or even a few hundred people, it affected thousands. Just as Curious George truly doesn’t have a tail, the line, Mirror, Mirror, on the wall was never said in Snow White, (it was magic mirror on the wall) and of course, the Berenstein Bears is spelled Berenstain Bears. I was 100% using the incorrect spelling for those bears until they became a top example of the Mandela Effect.

If you've had an experience like this, please let us know. Send an email to It may be included in a future article.

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