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Lee Speigel Joins UnX Media

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

UnX Media Publishing UnX Magazine – KUNXdb Radio Network President/CEO Margie Kay Independence, MO 64050 816-833-1602

Press Release – November 13, 2021

Subject: Lee Speigel joins the UNX team

UnX Media announces the addition of long-time respected journalist, producer, editor and radio broadcaster, Lee Speigel, to the growing family of creative folks who share a passion and interest in the always fascinating worlds of UFOs and the Paranormal.

Lee has presented credible, compelling stories to the public since 1975 when he produced a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. It marked the first time that a major recording company offered a UFO-related product via a prime-time TV infomercial.

During production of his UFO album – and at the request of noted Astronomer J. Allen Hynek – Lee went to No. Carolina to investigate a series of unusual and unexplained UFO reports. It resulted in the first well-documented, multiple witness, triangular-shaped UFO incident in America, highlighted in David Marler’s 2013 book, “Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.” Speigel and numerous law enforcement officers were among the many witnesses to this close encounter event.

Lee’s radio career literally took off in 1978 when he began his first of eight years writing, producing, and hosting nearly 1,500 local and national programs on NBC Radio, dealing with UFOs and unexplained phenomena. In 1978, he became the only person in history to produce a milestone UFO presentation at the United Nations. Also during this time, Lee was a feature writer for OMNI, the popular consumer science and paranormal magazine.

Between 2010-2017, Lee was the chief Huffington Post writer of hundreds of stories crossing the fields of UFOs and Science. In 2020, he co-produced/co-wrote “The Phenomenon,” a thought-provoking, critically acclaimed UFO documentary from Director James Fox. Speigel is currently co-producer/host of the weekly “Edge of Reality Radio.”

Lee will be the new Managing Editor of the UnX Magazine, writing and editing articles always with a focus on current events, research, and discoveries of the overlapping worlds of UFOs, paranormal and unexplained phenomena. He will also oversee the UnX Network Blog as well as highlighting recent paranormal breaking news for the UnX News Weekly Newsletter for members of the new KUNX db Radio Network.

UnX Media President, Margie Kay said, “I’m very honored to have such a talented writer join the UnX team. Lee’s reputation as a serious journalist who covers unexplained phenomena will add to our credibility. I’m thrilled to have Lee on board and look forward to working with him.”

Lee lives in Southampton, New York with his wife and muse, Lorraine.

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