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Winners of the People's Choice Awards Announcement

The Un-X Network presented three people’s choice awards at X-Con, 2023 in Springfield, Missouri. We asked our listeners/watchers to vote for their favorites in three categories and we received over 700 votes. The winners are:

Best Syndicated Show:

The Micah Hanks Show with Micah Hanks

Micah is a veteran researcher of all things paranormal. His show is extremely popular due to his no-nonsense approach to investigating. Michah also hosts "Sasquatch Tracks" on the Un-X Network. Congratulations Micah!

Best In-House Show:

Most Haunted with Dan Terry Dan is one of the first hosts to air a show on the network and he has gained quite a following. “Most Haunted” is on YouTube and all radio platforms. Dan always interviews interesting guests about their very haunted sites such as hotels, restaurants, or buildings, and investigations by paranormal investigators. Congratulations Dan!

Best Paranormal Researcher:

Jesse Peak This category was open to anyone in or out of the Un-X Network family, but one of our own came in first place by a wide margin. Jesse is a UFO investigator for MUFON, and his host of the show UFO Encounters Worldwide. Congratulations Jesse!

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