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The X Now Has Three Membership Plans to Choose From

The Un-X Network now has three membership plans, including a free bronze plan, a silver plan for just $5 per month, and the X-Club Gold plan for just $15 per month.

With the Bronze plan and all subscriptions, members may access all live video and audio programs and most recorded programs, and receive daily show notices and the newsletter. The X currently has 30 shows to choose from, with live programs airing nightly, then repeated during the day, plus eight video shows available at YouTube and Vimeo on the Un-X Network channels. The video shows are also aired on all digital radio platforms!

The Silver subscription offers the above plus a digital issue of the monthly Un-X Magazine, access to exclusive content, and access to the monthly special presentations at no charge.

The X-Club Gold membership includes all of the above plus discounted rates to X-Con and other hosted events, VIP seating at events in person, a print copy of the quarterly Un-X Magazine, and access to exclusive content.

Visit for more information and to see our list of quality shows focusing on the paranormal, consciousness, UFOs, Cryptids, and more.

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