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New Show - Starseed Ascension on the X!

Updated: Apr 11

The Un-X Network is happy to announce that Starseed Ascension with host Jamie Vos Love will air on Wednesdays at 7 pm Eastern time starting April 10, 2024. The show will air on the Un-X Network YouTube channel and all digital radio platforms.

Jamie Vos Love is an internationally renowned psychic medium, remote viewer, channeler, activator, ET experiencer and mentor who has appeared in several guest speaking events. A go-to guide for visionary leaders shaping the future, Jamie supports raising consciousness and gift expansion by helping others to explore and develop their psychic abilities. She is the creator of the Starseed Ascension collective and podcast, co-creator of the Unleash Your Power Academy, and author of 15 Sacred Ceremonies with Ayahuasca. She has interviewed experts and authors in the ET, UFO and Paranormal fields such as Alan Steinfeld, Dr. Linda Backman, Ella Lebain, Margie Kay and Dan Harary. 

Jamie has been a guest on Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best and the Un-X News. She was mentioned on the Las Culturistas and Ghosted! podcasts and was a Starseed/ET panel speaker at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo. She is a MUFON member and founding member of the Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. Jamie is currently working on her next book and conscious media projects.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Starseed Ascension welcomes guests from a variety of backgrounds to gain perspectives, experiences and information in the paranormal, spiritual and ET space. We are a community of spiritual explorers who seek to help raise consciousness. 


See a complete show listing at

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