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Weekly Roundup: AARO, Look Up , Ghosts at X-Con

By Violet Wisdom


Latest news from AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) investigations reveal an open focus on Aliens being responsible for many UFOs/UAPs. According to The Hill, the consideration brought about by a physicist by the name of Sean Kirkpatrick is not only being taken seriously, it is of few possible explanations. I must add, The Hill is a publication with little interest in anything outside of headline happenings in our Nation’s Capital. The fact that the discussions of UFOs/UAPs and alien existence and crafts are not only being treated with sincerity, but also are becoming part of federal policy is nothing short of historical.

Just this week a viral interview with Utah Congressional candidate Joseph Buchman by our own Margie Kay proves how important and serious a subject UFOs are to government decision making.


What Astrologer Maureen Richmond Says:

  • Next Friday and Saturday (Nov 17 & 18) will be the peak of the Leonid meteor shower.

  • New Moon in Scorpio on November 13. Focus on deep inner listening and self-reflection.

See more in the current issue of Un-X Magazine.

UneXplained X-CON-

Numerous attendees of our own X-Con last week reported several sightings and a great deal of paranormal activity in and outside the conference center. The following are a few of those reports…

The Stage;

  • Beings in the form of silhouettes during the presentations

  • A shadow person going back and forth across the stage, another ran across the stage while a third was on the ceiling.

  • Staff stated that the kitchen and conference area have always been haunted. They added that the hotel next to theirs is notoriously haunted.

Other sightings at the event:

  • UFO and ET’s

  • Sasquatch

  • Mothman (felt by one attendee, seen by several).

The X will be conducting a full investigation as part of X-Con 2024 October 11 - 13 at the same location in Springfield, Missouri.

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