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Weekly UFO Roundup November 12, 2022

By Violet Wisdom

#1 This week’s top story comes out of Brazil where pilots have seen the same unidentified lights moving towards identifiable destinations often moving in a spiral pattern three times in just over two weeks. While there have been some phenomenal explanations offered, none have panned out to remove the sightings from UFO status.

#2 UFO sightings in California have documented patterns. A recent release of sighting data shows what dates and times are best for seeing a UFO. Earlier this week on November 7th, there was an average of 228 sightings which is also the highest number of sightings out of the entire year for California. You’ll have to wait until New Year’s Day for the next peak sky watching opportunity.

#3 The Department of Defense is blaming Chinese drones for most UFO sightings. No worries if you happen to be a fan of the Weather Balloon explanation, they are still keeping that one on the table along with the great stand-by, the optical illusion. The DoD informant remained anonymous and cited National Security as a reason for refusing to provide any proof that most sightings are drones. Another case of continued cover ups? Pulling an explanation out of a hat to avoid admitting UFOs exist?

#4 Missouri has been experiencing a UFO Flap since August 10, 2022. The latest report is from a commercial airline pilot who saw three unidentified objects for over 20 minutes as the aircraft flew over Kansas City heading east. This report is new and is currently being investigated by Missouri MUFON. More information to come soon.

See you next week,

Violet Wisdom

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