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By Violet Wisdom

We both saw him. We both snapped our heads back to the sight that made no sense only to see ….. a mailbox. Not a him.

At this point, neither of us knew we had seen anything but the mailbox until I spilled my embarrassment first. “I thought I saw a man.” I said as the car poured over a slight hill ending the stretch of farmland before entering the next town. My husband replied shocked, “You too? I thought I was crazy, but I saw him! He had a backpack.”

Now we were in trouble, “YES,” the word exploded from my lips, “And-” My husband interrupted, “He was on his phone.”

That is what we both saw. A man wearing a backpack, standing near the edge of the highway looking down on his phone. We both looked back to get a better look at him because it was so odd for a transient or homeless person to be there, miles from any public transportation or possible assistance.

It was a cloudy day, no glare. In our 30+ years together we have NEVER seen anything like that before. We’re a boring couple of skeptics for the most part. BUT, the veil truly is thinning with much more intensity than usual for this most spiritually connective time of year:

-Solar Eclipse, Last Saturday Oct, 14

-New Moon, Last Sunday Oct, 15

-The Sun and Mercury enter Scorpio, Sunday Oct, 22

-Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Saturday Oct, 28

According to astrologers, here are a few things to be mindful of. Full disclaimer, there were plenty claiming to be experts on the subject with a singular focus on negative occurrences of which I have no interest. In fact, there is no other time of the year that I feel more energetic, peaceful and creative than between the fall equinox and winter solstice.

~Strange or almost human-like interactive behavior from animals, both pets and wild.

~Vivid dreams. Most dreams are our subconscious’ way of sorting out the experiences of the day, often in wild ways. However, during this time pay attention to your dreams, they may be something more.

~Premonitions, gut feelings and visions. We all have some degree of sensitivity, it is likely heightened right now. Look into these occurrences, they may be filled with insight.

~Connection to the spirit world. Those memories that keep popping up about loved ones gone from this world might just be their way of communicating with you. Pay attention to sensory information that comes your way such as smells, temperature and songs. This is also the best time of year to see other beings beyond our typical understanding. Get out in the woods and just sit a spell, you never know who might show up.

~Synchronicity. This is on FIRE during the autumnal season. That friend you haven’t talked to in five years suddenly comes up in conversation and an hour later she calls. Also pay attention to repetition. For me this is usually in the form of something physical. For example;

Several years ago, at this time of year I had a Mustang synchronicity for an entire week. Every time I parked my car there would be a Ford Mustang next to me. On Saturday morning at the end of that week, my husband and I had breakfast at a little cafe and watched Mustang after Mustang pass by the window the entire time we were there. We counted at least thirty of them. That afternoon we went to visit a friend a few hours away and stopped in a city we NEVER stop in for lunch. There was no parking because there was… a Ford Mustang car show that caused all the streets to be blocked off. This was a time I was researching some very specific aspects of United States Westward Expansion. As it turns out the Mustang is a symbol of Native American suffering as a result of expansion. I didn’t manifest the car show, although I was unknowingly being pulled to be in the same places the cars were. The spirit realm loves symbolism.

Again, don’t dread this time of year. Embrace and enjoy!

Have you had a “thinned veil” experience? We would love to hear about it, comment below!

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