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Weekly Roundup January 21, 2023

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Front page of The Washington Daily News on July 28, 1952 following an alleged UFO sighting in the D.C. metropolitan area. (The Washington Daily News/THE WASHINGTON DAILY NEWS)

1. The 1952 UFO flap over Washington D.C. resulted in a letter regarding UFO’s by none other than Albert Einstein. In today’s world, it would have served better as a text than a letter as Einstein responded to an inquiry regarding the flap with the following,

“Those people have seen something. What it is I do not know and am not curious to know. Sincerely yours, Albert Einstein.”

I suppose it is newsworthy to know one of the greatest minds of all time technically weighed in on the subject. Personally, I find it much more interesting that there was a UFO flap over D.C. in 1952. Visit 1952 Washington, D.C., UFO incident - Wikipedia for more information.

2. Congress may investigate the UFO/UAP Trinity Site crash landing of 1945 in New Mexico. Until recently, the 1947 Roswell event has been considered the oldest accepted possible crash. Interestingly, the Trinity Site is also where the first atomic bomb was detonated. The crash and detonation were in the same year.

3. Introducing Astrobiology and a new look for E.T.s. In the simplest of terms, scientists are using DNA, biochemical research and biological processes to determine what different types of unearthly life forms could look like. Basically, life could look much different than what we expect it to.

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Violet Wisdom

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