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Weekly Round-up for February 3, 2023

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

1. UFO App

Who knew smart phones could actually do something smart? Besides photoshopping your own selfie into a unicorn, of course. Soon, you will be able to download the new app for UFO reporting by Enigma Labs.

The app has UFO shapes to choose from to help witnesses create a physical description and allows for a verbal description as well. Still in its guinea pig stage, you can still submit a UFO/UAP sighting on their website, this is not a substitute for MUFON, only an additional data collection resource.

Photo Courtesy of Enigma Labs

2. They Came for the Game?

If other-wordly visitors have been observing us for any amount of time, they’re surely familiar with our love of sports. Knowing that, they’ve probably become fans themselves. Heck, with all the ticketmaster drama who wouldn’t prefer a sky-side seat? A recent soccer game in Juarez, Mexico (on the other side of El Paso, TX) yielded what looks to be a pretty darn good photo of one such visitor. As it turns out, this particular stadium has seen many UFO’s over the years. There is even a belief in the area that there is a secret underground UFO base nearby.

In this screen grab from a video, a balloon is shown floating over Billings, Montana, on Feb. 1, 2023. Chase Doak

3. The Mother of All Weather Balloons

This week’s, "I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about," UAP turns out to be a Chinese Weather (well, probably weather. Likely, you know, they’re using it for weather….stuff) Balloon. Errrrrr, Mr. Blinken has put off his trip to China, “because of the balloon”, but, again, don’t worry about the balloon? I mean, a balloon the size of three buses, could easily have drifted to the American/Canadian border from China, makes sense (not). It needs to be shot down.

  • It isn’t safe to shoot it down, balloon stuff could fall on us.

  • It is a spy balloon deliberately sent here. To spy on us.

  • It is a weather balloon off course, of course. Not a Chinese drone, not an American weather balloon. It’s a Chinese weather balloon!

UnX Weekly Announcements

Paranormal Valentine Contest- Ideas have to be submitted by midnight February 7, 2023.

Save the Date- Paranormal Tea Party February 18, 2023 2:00 p.m. CST On Zoom, Register here on The UnX Network

Watch for Some X-Citing New Shows Coming Soon!

Have a fantastic week and keep your eyes to the sky!

Violet Wisdom

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