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Unique Cruise in September!

By Margie Kay

Divine Travels has arranged a very unique cruise from Seattle to Alaska, along

with an amazing lineup of investigators, researchers, experiencers, authors,

teachers, and speakers in the fields of UFOs, extraterrestrial life, alien

contact, coverups, ancient mysteries, paranormal events, holistic healing,

and higher consciousness.

The Contact at Sea Cruise with seminars is scheduled for September 6 to 13, 2024,

and will sail from Seattle to the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska: Sitka, Juneau,

Skagway, and Victoria BC.

Join with Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime

This awesome seminar-at-sea, which will take place onboard the extraordinary, fun-filled and luxurious Ovation of the Seas during a 7-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during port calls in Alaska.

During this illuminating and informative event, we will uncover hidden truths with some of the most respected experts in their fields: Senior Astronomer at SETI: Seth Shostak, Scott Wolter, Rick Doty, Grant Cameron, Derrel Sims, Mas Sajady, Jimmy Church, Viviane Chauvet, Margie Kay, Dr. Barbara Stone, and more!

This cruise will not only expose the lies. It will reveal the truth. As we dispel

the darkness and shine the light of wisdom, we enter the true state of


ALL are welcome to discover the real truth, together.

During Our Contact at Sea conference:

- Sail from Seattle to the awe-inspiring glaciers and ports of Alaska.

- Experience the Indigenous Alaskan culture and discover the Alaska


- Open our hearts to the glorious surroundings of Alaska and our minds to

wisdom and discernment.

- Glide through pristine waters and pure air, and receive healing, comfort,

and well-being.

- Revel in the magnificent scenery, plant life, and diverse creatures of our

beloved planet.

- Exchange ideas with fabulous, fascinating speakers and brilliant attendees.

- Open our minds to new stimulating creative ideas and enriching


- Make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that will last

a lifetime.

- Emerge refreshed and renewed.

Spaces are filling up fast! REGISTER HERE NOW:

See you on the ship!

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